Team 8B Newsletter

Whitewater Middle School

Wrapping up the school year

I know it is difficult to believe but we are down to 30 days remaining of school! Where did the time go? Your student(s) have worked hard this year and are excited about their rite of passage to the high school. As teachers, we are excited for them and know the journey they will take once they leave us will be one filled with nothing more than success. As we wrap up this year with the students and begin our preparations for final exams, I thought this was a good time to send a few reminders to parents and students.

Milestone Testing

Preperation for this testing time

Please remember the following tips during this week of testing:
1. Students need to be fresh for the test. Send students to bed early (without technology) so that they can get a good night's sleep.
2. Encourage your student that their best is expected. Many students stress out over the word testing. Send a little note in their lunch box, attach it to their cereal box, or put it on their mirror that you believe in them and their success! Encourage their best. They are prepared!
3. Ask them about the testing when they arrive home. Let them talk about it at home to put them at ease about the next test they have to take.
4. Please make the student EAT something before coming to test! Students test better when they have had something to eat in the morning. Fruit, cereal, Nutri bars, something.

Technology and the Milestones

Students have been told but I will send out reminders about the technology rule during testing. Students can not have the technology in the testing room. They will be required to leave it TURN OFF and in their lockers during testing. Please remind students each day about turning off their devices.

A consequence will be given for choosing to break this rule.

If there is an emergency during the testing time, parents can contact the front office at 770-460-3450 and a message will be delivered to the student at an appropriate time.

No Food or Drink Allowed during the milestone testing

No food or drink will be allowed in the testing room. We will be using Chromebooks to test and food / drink near a computer is never a good idea. Students should plan on eating a good breakfast that will last them until lunch.

BYOB-Bring Your Own Book

Georgia Milestone testing time is a great opportunity for students to catch up on their 450- page reading goal. Students will want to bring a book to each testing session in case they finish a section of testing early.

Reading Page Goals

The media center will close during the last week of April. Students are still responsible for their 450-page goal. This may mean that students will need to read an appropriate book from home or get a book from the local library in town.

It is possible that students have read their pages already and this won't be a problem.

Please encourage the student to read at home as much as possible in effort to meet this grade requirement.

School Wide Behavior

As we wind down this school year, I wanted to take a moment to remind students that behavior is still expected to be appropriate at all times in the classrooms, hallways, lunch room, and everywhere on campus. We will use the next 30 days to prepare for our last units of study, to prepare for milestone testing and to prepare for final exams. Generally speaking, we work hard until the last day of school!
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For each student that passes through my door...

I do hope that you will follow your dreams and make them into your profession. There is no greater success than to be happy within your work and happy with your life.