All About Me

By: Maggie Stclair

Something I do well

Something I do well is sports. I love to play softball and Basketball they are my favorite sports.

My Favorite songs

My favorite songs are 1. Me Myself and I by G- Easy 2. Cake by The Ocean by DNCE 3. Pillow talk by Zayne

Favorite Movies

Whats your favorite color?

Well I would have to say teal, greenish blueish color. I like that color because it is just a pretty color and I think I wear it well.

Favorite Foods

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Things I like about school

I like reading its my all time favorite thing to do in school its also my favorite class. I also like math class because we do worksheets that aren't easy but there not that hard either. I like study hall because I can get all my work done and of course read. The books on top are my personal favorite.
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I have a dog his name is Charlie he is a boxador its a Boxer and a chocolate lab mix. I had a cat her name was Kitty. I also have cows but I don't know if you consider them pets.

A job I would like to have

A job i would like to have would be being a brain surgeon which is called a Nero surgeon. I would like that job because it is saving people and maybe we could find cures for diseases that aren't curable right now.

Hobbies I enjoy