The Me Project

Arshveer Nanua

Who am I?

Hi my name is Arshveer Nanua I am from Brampton, Ontario, and a student in Louise Arbour secondary school. My interests are video games, technology, auto mechanics, motocross, soccer, and watching movies and TV shows. My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona, my favorite TV shows are The Walking dead, Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones, and my favorite video game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

My life line

My favourite things

My leadership style

According to my leadership styles are coercive, pace setter, visionary, Affiliative, Democratic and coaching. But in reality I think I am a terrible leader, I want my group to succeed but most of the time I avoid being the leader even if I know what is the right thing to do but the results show kinda of my leadership style but in reality I never want to be the leader because I am afraid of failing my team and not knowing the answer to what we are suppose to do.

My influences

I really do not have anyone that influences me. Things that influence what I do are facts and the reality if things. But no one really influences what I do.

My role models/people in my life

It is hard for me to pick but both my mom and dad are my biggest role models because they teach me good life lessons and tell me to be a good and hard working individual everyday andmotivates me everyday to try hard.

My future

I do not really have a plan for my future. My plan really is just to find a career I want to do and then just plan out how I am going to become it.