James Henry Carleton

A Soldier in the Civil War

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James Henry Carelton

This is James Carleton.

Born on: December 27, 1814 in Lubec, Maine.

Died on: January 7th, 1873 in San Antonio, TX.

Relationship Status: married to Henrietta Tracy Loring, who died in 1841 and then married Sophia Garland Wolfe.

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Hometown: Lubec, Maine.

One of his quotes on the subject of Indians was "All Indian men of that tribe are to be killed whenever and wherever you can find them... If the Indians send in a flag of truce say to the bearer... that you have been sent to punish them for their treachery and their crimes. That you have no power to make peace, that you are there to kill them wherever you can find them."

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Personal Information

Interests/Hobbies: Writing, Journaling.

Career: Lieutenant, Officer, General.

Major Accomplishments

  • At the outbreak of the Civil War, James was appointed to Colonel of 1st Infantry.
  • He served in the 1st U.S. Dragoons in the American West, participating as a lieutenant in an 1844 expedition to the Pawnee and Oto.
  • Established Fort Bowie near the Apache Pass.
  • Appointed brevet major general in the regular army in 1865, the same year the Civil War ended.
  • One of the books out of several that he wrote while in the military, was The Battle of Buena Vista (1848).
  • Officer in the U.S. army.
  • General in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

Contact Information

Current Address:

1703 Kingsland Dr

Lubec, ME 04652

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