How The Grinch Stole Christmas

John Kerhoulas

Overview of Depression

Depression is disorder that causes you to be sad for a long period of time. Depression can cause you to lose interest in a lot of things, even if it is something that you used to like. In the movie "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", the Grinch was often grumpy and just generally never in a happy mood. Because of this it is likely that he had depression.
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Examples From the Movie

The Grinch always hated the Whos from Whoville because of their happiness. The only reason to hate someone or their happiness would be if you are extremely unhappy and most likely depressed.

The Grinch would go around on Christmas Eve and steal all the presents from families and little children. There would be no reason for a happy person to do this so he must be depressed.

The Grinch had a dog named Max and he typically didn't treat him well whatsoever. He tied antlers to him to try to make him something that he wasn't (a reindeer) and he constantly abused him.

Symptoms And Causes


In the movie, the Grinch was always very angry. He never did happy things to other people and he didn't treat his dog well.


The causes of his depression may be that he is out on his own all the time. He lives on the top of a mountain so there is nobody around him to cheer him up. Because of this, there is also nobody to tell him that he is being mean or acting in a way that he shouldn't so it never stops.

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Depression Hotline

Crisis Call Center - 24/7 Crisis Support

If you additional help or are interested in talking more about your depression issues then call 755-784-8090 or Text "ANSWER" 839863 and they will get back to you right away. They can help to determine your level of depression, determine how to treat it, and try their best to talk you through the problem.

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