The newest home for humanity.

Why we Chose Spura.

Spura is a new planet: unperturbed, unpolluted, and it expands humanity's frontier. Spura is also a planet where humans are able to breathe, and resembles Earth the most in our known universe. So, it is a perfect destination in the likely happening of humanity becoming extinct/Earth becoming uninhabitable.

How we Will Assert our Rule in Spura.

Spura has two main peoples, the Spurans and Dael. These two ethnicity have been constantly at war for as long as both groups can remember (they are not very developed, and have no method of writing). We decide to assist the Dael in this conflict, and easily overpower the Spurans with our advanced technology. This protecting of the Dael with help us gain their trust, and therefore we can rule them peacefully.

How we Will Create a Lasting System of Rule in Spura.

Now that the Dael will cooperate with us, we can create a government that benefits both of us in this new population. Once we have created a combined race, these new people will be accepting to our culture, therefore establishing our government will be fully accepted.

Social Interactions in Spura.

We will have two main colonies. The first main colony will be a racial mix between Dael and humans, but because of the lack of humans this colony will be predominately Dael. To preserve humanity on Spurna, the second colony will be entirely human in the former Spurnan lands. We shall keep these up and running until both have a great enough population to combine into a half-human, half Dael mix. This will promote inter-ethnic relations, and will also create a new culture, with a Earth-inspired government, best adapted for the people.