Mrs. Shepard's Music

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Third Grade

March 5-15

Dear Monroe Families,

The third quarter is flying by! We have been having so much fun in the Monroe Olympics over the last couple of weeks. To prepare for the Olympics we learned songs and games from many countries around the world. Students finished up the Olympics yesterday afternoon. Now we are getting back into the music classroom to continue music making fun!

Third Grade

We will be reviewing key concepts learned earlier this semester as we begin working with Orff instruments to play the song "Elevator Music". Students will play ascending and descending major scales to accompany our singing using correct mallet technique.

Before the Monroe Olympics, third-grade students spent time learning about composers and characteristics from the Baroque period. We created drawings to represent each of the movements from Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

First Grade

First-grade students will continue to work on rhythmic concepts learned earlier this semester. Before the Olympic break, we learned about half notes and half rests. Students will be reviewing strategies for reading, writing, and decoding patterns of quarter notes, quarter rest, paired eighth notes, half notes and half rests.

In addition to rhythmic elements, students will also be reviewing keywords related to dynamics and expression. Songs and games for this week include The Goldfish, Walk and Stop, Freeze Dance, 4 color rhythm, and Lucy Locket.


Kindergarten students are continuing to work on moving to a steady beat and body control. We are also learning the difference between soft and loud and will begin naming these dynamics with the correct musical terms.

Songs and Rhymes for this week include March of the Dinosaurs, Here comes a Bluebird, The Lunchbox song, Put the Beat in Your Feet, and a listening activity called Gymnopede. We will also use the picture book Strega Nona by Tomie dePoala to reinforce musical concepts covered this week in class.

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