Laurie Halse Anderson

About The Book.

My book “speak”, is about a girl named Melinda who’s a freshman in highschool. Starting a new school would mean, a new chance. WRONG. Melinda was raped at one of the parties last summer in the woods and called the police at a pay phone because she was scared,lost and didn't know what to do. On her first day, all the people that got in trouble for having the party because the police were called just stared at her and didn't speak at all. There is one girl that is nice to Melinda and that’s actually trying to be her friend. Her name is Heather, she is trying to get Melinda involved in school clubs so she can have fun,not be so depressed and get out into the school and make new friends. At this time, Melinda does spring cleaning and discovers nice and cute clothes, she shows the, to her friend Heather at home and she looks at Melinda and laughs saying “Those are ugly.” Melinda eventually makes new friends and she gets over the bullshit that them other kids put her through she goes into therapy having nightmares of the rape she thinks its her fault.
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I chose this picture because, it shows a group of girls bullying another rival girl. This represents all the people at the party against Melinda


I chose the speak book cover, because the cover explains itself once you read the book and understand it.
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