Day 1 Teacher Appreciation Week!

Monday, May 2nd 2016

Movie MONDAY!!!!

You can get your teacher a movie gift card, movie ticket to their favorite theater, or their favorite Movie theater candy! Or maybe Pinterest is your thing and you might put together a cute movie night basket. Have Fun!


As you probably have already seen there are teacher information sheets hanging in the hall of the studio. We are missing Miss Gabriela's form, as soon as I get her information I will hang it. Miss Amy has decided to opt out. But if any of you would like to acknowledge her for being our extra set of eyes, our consoling hug when they come down with a fever, one of their biggest cheerleaders, and someone we can all count on, by all means go right ahead I'm sure Patrice or Jacob could give us some tips.

Schedule of Events!

Movie Monday- Bring Your Teacher gift cards, Tickets to their favorite Theater or their favorite movie theater candy.

Tuesday- "It's the thought that counts" Bring your teachers their favorite flowers, pick a flower from your garden, write them a note, or make them a card.

Wednesday- Bring them a gift card to their favorite place to dine!

*If your dancer is in Patrice's Wednesday Advanced Teen/Senior Lyrical @ 5:30pm reply to the email so I can give you the plans.

Thursday- Retail Therapy, gift cards to their favorite places to shop!

Friday-Snacks, and their favorite drink facts! (gift cards would be great!)

*Please note; Participation is OPTIONAL. You can Acknowledge all everyday, or the scheduled teachers that mirror the scheduled events, or choose a day on the schedule and participate then. The call is yours!