Creative Freedom Retreat--Corsica!

Wild Woman Adventure with Sabrina & Francine, France 2014

We want you to join us on this incredible event!

Let's create together some experiences that will change your life in the most positive ways! This fabulous retreat will give you the support, tools, and encouragement to manifest those changes once and for all into your creative goals, career, relationships with yourself and others!

Creative Freedom Wild Woman Retreat with Francine and Sabrina

Friday, Sep. 19th, 4pm to Thursday, Sep. 25th, 2pm

Corsica, France


Join Sabrina and Francine on this once in a lifetime experience on the magical island of Corsica to enter into sacred space, ignite the fire within you and transform your life to the next level of fulfillment and happiness.

Sample Day

7:00- 9:30: Delicious nurturing breakfast, morning practice or
optional guided yoga / meditation in the sanctuary
9:30-11:00: Workshop start: Setting the intention, starting the fire of the day
11am-11:15: 15 minute break, tea and refreshments available
11:30-1:00: Energy tools, techniques and integration for breaking through limits.
1:00-2:30: Lunch, sumptuous and fun
2:30- 5:00: Journeying with the Goddess, and Body Mind and Spirit sessions, Creative Play
5:00-7:00: Time to yourself, wander in the garden, hike on nature trail, swim in the sea, walk the labyrinth, quiet time.
7:00 'til bedtime Dinner at the Villa or out in the village, bonfire rituals, and other secret happenings not for public dissemination...