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Hi Tiger Families,

Time is flying by and I can't believe it's already October! Students have now been in school for over a month and are getting settled into their daily routines of life on campus.

As we welcomed students back to in-person learning this year, one of our main focuses has been on helping them build connections with one another. As students get reacquainted to being around many other children their age again, we see friendships developing as well as students learning how to deal with conflict and problem solve together.

One of the ways that we support students is by helping them understand their emotions. More than just happy or sad, we want to help students build their vocabulary to describe if they are feeling nervous, frustrated, calm or upset.

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Here are some ways you can encourage your child to talk about their feelings:

Model Talking About Your Feelings

Using specific words to describe your own anger, sadness or happiness can better help children understand feelings. To do this, state your feeling and pair it with a coping strategy.

Old way: “Oh no, I didn’t win!”

New way: “I’m sad that I didn’t win the game, I’m going to give you a hug to feel better”

Old way: “David, give him the toy back!”

New way: “I’m upset that your brother took your toy, I’m going to tell him he needs to give it back”

Summarize Your Child’s Feelings

For extra practice talking about feelings, labeling how characters from books or movies are feeling can be helpful."Wow, Winnie the Pooh looks like his feelings were hurt, how do you think he is feeling?” "The tiger looks like he is feeling embarrassed, his head is down and his cheeks are red. What should he do?”

Practice Talking About Feelings

Children are more likely to use feeling language in-the-moment if prompted to practice as often as possible. Instead of asking general questions, try asking specific feelings-oriented question:

Old way: “How was your day?”

New way: “Tell me something that made you happy or proud today,” or “What made you worried today?”

Encourage them to use the feeling and the cause in the full sentence.

Old way: “I got to pass out papers”

New way: “I felt proud that I helped my teacher”

Old way: “Math is stupid”

New way: “I feel worried about the math test tomorrow”

It is equally important to talk about feelings of happiness as it is to talk about times of sadness or worry. As your child continues to practice, they will grow in their ability to use more complicated emotional words – such as frustration, pride, disappointment and concern.

We are grateful to continue to partner with you as we support our kids together!


Ms. Ochi

Some Highlights from This Month

Free COVID-19 Testing on Wednesdays

We continue to provide students with free Covid-19 testing every Wednesday.

To register, please fill out the online permission form each week at: https://lgsd.testscheduler.net/

Paper forms will no longer be sent home, but are available in the office or by contacting your child's teacher if needed.

School Site Council Nominations Open

Interested in playing a role in Lemon Grove Academy's School Site Council. This decision making board is made up of administrators, teachers, staff members, parents and community members.

Please fill out this nomination form to submit your interest in being on LGA's SSC. There are 2 positions open. The nomination window closes on Friday, October 8th at 5:00 p.m. Elections will run October 11-October 15.


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

In Art This Month....

Students learned about the element of line and artists from some of the countries of Latin America in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

SDC: Learned about the colorful La Boca houses of Argentina and used collage shapes in paper and painted corrugated cardboard to create houses of their own.

Kindergarten: They learned about and looked at the work of Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort. Students drew images in black crayon and added bright colors with tempera cake in the style of the artist.

First Grade: They listened to Is your Mama a LLama? by Deborah Guarino. They learned about the Llama which is a domesticated South American animal related to the camel. They drew then painted their own llamas adding fur and other details. They could put their llama in a setting, add blankets and decoration in the style of the Andean people or use their own designs.

Second Grade: Students listened to the story Silly Billy by Anthony Browne. They learned about Guatemalan worry dolls. They then created dolls of their own creation using crayons and paint.

Third Grade: Students learned about the Aztec people, the sun stone and radial symmetry/design. We also looked at images of suns from CBS Sunday Morning for inspiration. They chose either a traditional sun image or a design of their own. They placed an emphasis on a central image with radial patterns surrounding it.

Fourth Grade: Students learned about Mola art from the Kuna (Guna) people. They watched a short video of how Molas are made and looked at original mola designs. They created their own line design image using crayon and paint.

Fifth Grade: Students learned about Amate bark paintings and watched a video of how they are made. They then looked at images of Amate bark paintings and created their own images in bright colors.

Sixth Grade: Students learned about the artist Pedros Linares, the inventor of the Alebrije. They watched an artist create an Alebrije heart. They also looked at images of Alebrijes. They created their own creatures in oil pastel. They were encouraged to use bright colors and patterns like the original artist.

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Thursday, Oct 7- Fall Picture Day

Wednesday, Oct 13 at 8:45am- Coffee with the Principal

Spirit Day: Disney Day!

Oct 18-22- Art, Music and PE (AMP) Week

Monday, Oct 18 at 3:10pm- School Site Council

Tuesday, Oct 19 at 8:45am- ELAC

Friday, Oct 22 at 3:30pm- PTA

As a reminder, every Wednesday is a minimum day. On Wednesdays, school ends at 1:28pm.

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October Events for the Whole Family

Our district's parent and family engagement specialist, Azucena Garcia, continues to share a compiled a list of family-friendly events like online game nights, wellness classes and a chess tournament! The document also contains resources for families on a variety of topics to support different needs! Click here to read on.

Interested in learning more or have some ideas to share?

Contact Azucena at azucena.garcia@lemongrovesd.net

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