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Career Details: Duties & Responsibilities

Registered nurses provide patient care, educates patients about health conditions, and provide emotional support to the patients and their family members.

Some of their duties include:

  • record patient's medical history
  • give patients medicine and treatment
  • record observations
  • monitor medical equipment

Average Hours

Nurses usually work in rotating shifts covering all 24 hours. Some may work at nights, holidays, weekends or they may be on call.


The annual wage for a nurse is $64,690. Nurses working in a private general medical and surgical hospitals wage is about $66,650 and if their working in a nursing care facility the wage is $58,180.

$31.10 per hour.

Education requirements

Registered nurses either get their bachelors degree, associates degree or or a diploma from an approved nursing program. All students take courses in nursing, anatomy, physiology and behavioral sciences. All registered nurses must have a nursing license. They must graduate from an approved nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) provides a pre-nursing program.

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Skills Required

  • critical thinking
  • must be caring and sympathetic
  • responsible and detail oriented
  • emotional stability to cope with human suffering and other emergencies
  • have patience
  • talk effectively with patients, give clear explanations and being able to work in teams with other work members.

Job outlook/growth

Employment is expected to grow 26% from 2010 to 2020. The growth will increase because of technological advancements emphasis on care and baby-boomer population.

Advancement opportunities

Having experience and good performance nurses can move to other settings or they can get promoted. Some registered nurses can advance to practice registered nurses (APRNs). They provide primary care and prescribe medications. A master's degree is required, each state provides different regulations. Nurses can move into business side of healthcare.