Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter





PTO Meeting (Parent/Board) 5:30 Board/Parent 6:30 (Cafeteria has been reserved)


BLT Meeting/Learning Commons 7:30



25 No School/Students only - Teacher Work Day

Staff Activity - "Grab and Go" hosted by 5th Grade/Howard Cluster 7:45


October 2020

2 I-Team Meeting 7:30

5 PBIS Meeting/LC 7:30-8:15

Fundraiser/Boosterthon Kick Off / Group B

6 BLT Meeting/Learning Commons 7:30

Fundraiser/Boosterthon Kick Off / Group A

PTO Meeting (Board only) 6:30-8

9 I-Team Meeting 7:30

12 Fundraiser Dance Fit Event/Group B

13 Staff Meeting/Kevin will send Link 7:30

Fundraiser Dance Fit Event/Group A

14 No School/Students

15-16 No School/Students and Staff/Fall Break

19 B Day Picture Retake Day 9:40

20 BLT Meeting/Learning Commons 7:30

Flu Shot Clinic/Staff 3-4:00 (subject to change)

Flu Shot Clinic/Public 4:30-7:30 (subject to change)

21 PBIS Meeting/LC 3:15-4

23 I-Team Meeting 7:30

26 A Day Picture Retake Day 9:40

27 Prof Dev Meeting 7:30

29 Doughnuts with the Principal for B Cycle Day Students/Conf Rm B 9:30-9:45

30 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal for A Cycle Day Students/Conf Rm A 9:30-9:45

Harvest Party



*Thanks Rebecca Fisher for taking time to teach me how to use Talking Points! It has helped me to connect with one of my student’s family and is so helpful!!!!

*Thank you to Mr. Kirk for figuring out my document camera! He is a lifesaver!

*Thanks to Natalie for coming down to help me with my morning meeting.

*Larsen, you always know the tricks to help me with my technology issues!

*Char, thanks for sharing your handwriting seesaw lesson!

*Balk, thank you for sharing your slides with me for morning meeting!

*John, thanks for the paper towel roll in the first grade cluster. We (and our microwave) appreciates it very much!

*Thank you to the lunch ladies for being so patient with me every day when I have to change my breakfast count!

*Thank you SO MUCH to the Amy, Kaitlin, Ben for helping me get prepared for subbing last Friday and Monday!

*Special thanks to Jeff Hager for being in Stacy’s room so often while I subbed. Your presence was SO HELPFUL!

*Lexie Schilling, thank you for bespoke recess calendar.

*Kelsey Angel, you are most generous. Thanks for the WW resources!

Natalie Weatherman, thank you for the help! iPads…are great, but sometimes…

*Jessica Hentges – WOWZERS, you are a problem solver!! Now I will be ‘hands free,’ but still ready for action!

*Vatoua Yang, thank you for helping my students get connected!

*Natalie Weatherman, how many times must you send a link?! SORRY! Thanks for sharing and resharing!

*A HUGE thank you to all of the staff that has helped Kindergartener’s during lunch this week and last! It meant so much to us as teachers to have the extra help😊

*Thank you, Jeff Triest, for the deer sausage.

*Thank you, Jeff Hager, for the fresh vegetables.

*Boumeester and Ben-thanks for being my after school running buddies! Such a great stress reliever!

*3rd grade team-Thanks for the spaghetti at lunch! 😊

*Thank you, Stephanie for the coffee on Wednesday!

*Thank you, John and Jess, for all the help moving me from 3rd to K!

*Thank you, Charlotte, for helping our Kinders get to the bus!

*Thank you, ESL and Speech teachers for helping our Kinders get to the walker line!

*Thank you, Keller, for loaning out your DVD player to me!

*Kelsey – Thank you for the morning tea today! Much appreciated.

*Melanie – You are doing an amazing job and keeping such a positive attitude. You’ve got this.

*Vatoua – You have been running around the district AND the building trying to get things fixed, distributed, and set up. We know your ticket queue is long. Thanks for all you do.

*Specialists – Thanks for helping distribute Shakopee Online iPads and supplies. Very much appreciated.

*Kevin – Thanks for leading with humor and understanding.

*Gehlhoff – we miss you in the building, but it has been great working with you virtually 😊

*Wendy and Kathy – You have been moving a mile a minute with all of the family and staff needs. You are amazing. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do.

*Thank you 3rd grade team for helping out this week!!

*Thank you Madison for working with the kids in the classroom and always being prepared.

**Thank you, Kevin and Pete, for doing Jackson Pride on the morning announcements, They are great!

*Thank you to all the amazing and hard-working paraprofessionals in the building! You are fabulous!

*Thank you, Natalie, for always being so responsive to emails and questions!

*Thank you, Jody for sharing your lunch with me! You are always such a giving person!

*Thank you, 4th grade for always making me laugh!

*Thank you, PBIS sub committee for meeting this week to finalize kindness week!

*Thank you, John Bauman for always being so helpful!

*Thank you, Kathy and Wendy for always being so helpful and responding to my needs! ☺


Co-Teachers in Seesaw

This year all teachers will have co-teachers in their Seesaw classes to make it easier for families to manage the learning that happens at home.

Who will be co-teachers? SPED, EL, YS, HP

How do I add co-teachers?

How do we organize the class so that the co-teachers can easily navigate to their students' assignments? Create folders for each co-teacher in the class.

How do we assign a Seesaw Activity to a specific student and folder?

Reach out to me if you need help.




9/27 Stacy Brock

9/30 Margaret "Kookie" LaPlant


10/2 Char Konietzko

10/4 Amy Rutter

Keri Vold

10/5. Jane Rosholt

10/7 Angela Gehlhoff

10/8 Stephanie Peoples

10/15. Pete Orchard

10/18 Trudy Gunderson

10/25. Nicole Lightfoot

10/28 Charlotte Leonard

10/31 Betsi Arvin