the real antigone labdacus

only account all others are fake

Antigone labdacus

age: 24 years old

engaged to Haemon

just girl that believes in doing the right thing.



status update

so over Creon's rule of Thebes, He can't seem to get a handle on anything

posted at 3;34pm

comment from Merinda

I heard its not going so well for him as king Lol looks like they need a new king in thebes .

posted at 5;45pm

status upate

Still gonna do what I want no matter what, was never the type of girl to let anyone tell me what to do

posted at 6;56pm

comment from Esmerlda

Go head girl don't let these boys tell you what you need to do. Even if they get mad, do you!!!!! :)

posted at 8;36pm

status update

Tired of Ismene never having my back on anything and then trying to take the credit like you didn't even do anything. try again

posted at 12;26am