Stop Bullying Now in the Hallways

Don't Bully- Be Community Minded!

Be A Friend NOT A Bully!


  • Be friends not enemies and fill peoples' buckets, instead of dipping into them.
  • Follow the care traits: Community Minded, Aware, Responsible, Respectful, Empathic, and SAFE!
  • Stand up to bullies and tell them to stop or tell an adult.
  • You can always ignore them!

Listen to us- here are the benefits!

  • Save peoples' feelings!
  • Helping others make you feel good and your heart feel good!
  • It will make Edison a better place, by respecting others' feeling.
  • Showing empathy and treating others the way you would like to be treated, will make a very safe place to go to school.

Made for you by: Isaac, Evie, Carmen, and Ayana

If you need help:

  1. Go get a teacher!
  2. Get a friend to help you.
  3. Use the posters for a guide.