America's Teddy

By Celeste Portillo

Who is Americas Teddy?

Theodore's Roosevelt; can be described in many words. Theo was our 26th president, a adventurer, and nature enthusiast. Oct 27, 1858

Birth of Teddy Roosvelt

Theodore Roosevelt, eldest son of Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. and Mittie Bulloch, is born at 28 East 20th St., in New York City.

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What kind of organization was Theo in?

Jun 20, 1912

Republicans Nominate Taft Over Roosevelt

Despite being less popular than Roosevelt among the Republican rank-and-file, Taft secures his renomination through the political manipulation of party bosses. A disgusted T.R. finally breaks with the Republican Party to found a competing third party, the Progressive Party, more commonly known as the Bull Moose Party.

Aug 1912

Bull Moose Party

T.R. receives the Bull Moose Party nomination for president of the United States. A speech seconding his nomination is delivered to the Progressive Party Convention by Jane Addams, founder of Hull House and the most respected woman in America.

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Teddy's A Writer?

Yes actually Roosevelt happended to write about his adventures and discoveries In all, Roosevelt wrote about 18 books (each in several editions), including his autobiography,The Rough Riders,History of the Naval War of 1812, and others on subjects such as ranching, explorations, and wildlife. His most ambitious book was the four volume narrativeThe Winning of the West, focused on theAmerican frontier in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Roosevelt said that the American character – indeed a new "American race" (ethnic group) had emerged from the heroic wilderness hunters and Indian fighters, acting on the frontier with little government help.Roosevelt also published an account of his 1909-10 African expedition entitled African Game Trails.

In 1907, Roosevelt became embroiled in a widely publicized literary debate known as thenature fakers controversy.

Roosevelt Supports National Parks!!

John Muir persuaded Roosevelt to set aside millions of acres of land for future national parks!