The US and Mexican War!!!

by Anush

The US and Mexican War

Oh no!!! USA and Mexico were arguing about the boundaries between the two countries. USA said the boundary should be the Rio Grande River, but mexico said the boundary should be the the Nueces River so Mexico can have more land. Mexico did a small battle on the Rio Grande, and that's when James K. Polk (president) demanded war!
James K. Polk who is the president of the United States of America is involved and so as U.S. and Mexico and the allied forces was the California Republican.

Where were the wars?

  1. In Palo Alto
  2. Monterrey
  3. South of Saltillo
  4. Veracruz
  5. Xalapa
  6. Mexico City
  7. City Gate at Churu Busco
  8. Molino del Rey
The war started at 1846 and ended at 1848
Mexican-American War | 3 Minute History

Important People

America - Zachary Taylor, James K. Polk, and Windfield Scott

Mexican - Pedro de Ampudia, Santa Anna, and Mariana Anista


This war were several small battles. The government an president gave news for what happened and what will happen.


The artillery they used were cannons, musket knife, and a basic knife.


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