A Ninjas Loadout

What Does A Ninjas Loadout Consist Of?

Shurikens A.K.A. Ninja Star

Well this is probably one of the most know weapons used by the ninjas. The most common type of shuriken is the flat plate type but, there are actually 40-50 types of shurikens! They use the type that is most useful for there current situation.

Ninja Sword

A ninjas sword is straight and short so they can be quick and slice faster. The blade is an average of 54cm long. Today this sword was considered as the ninjas main weapon during the Edo-period and a few other times but, it is still unknown why ninjas needed these sword in the first place other than for certain missions. Although it is uncertain why there made i the first place the ninjas used them to climb up buildings, trip enemies and some other uses.


The Kunai is one of the more know ninja weapons it has a blade on one end and a grip with a circle at the end on the other side. Some uses for the Kunai is that it was used for breaking fences and castles walls. The ninjas also used them to stab a whole in the wall then they stuck there feet in there wholes to climb up walls. As a weapon the Kunai was usually used in close quarters combat.


The Kakute is a small ring like weapon that had 1-3 sharp spikes on it that ninjas would use in close quarters combat. They used it only in desperate situations because ninjas usually didn't get that close to there enemys. How they used this weapon is they would wear as a normal ring then com close to there enemy then jab them in the neck, wrist and some other areas.


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