by:Jose Ortiz


the careers I would choose soccer or video game design soccer because I like the sport a lot and one day I would like to play it professionally or a video game designer because I have some good game ideas and I play many video games so I would like to create my own.


My color is orange because I am spontaneous,optimistic,eager,bold,physical,be flexible and I learn by experience.I don't want to do the same job over and over I want it to be different sometimes and I also want it to be fun.


The onet interest profiler says I and enterprising which means that our work interest is starting up buissnesses we like taking action rather than thinking about things.

we like

1.persuing and leading people

2.making decisions

3.taking risks for profit


I am orange because I am spontaneous and because I don't plan anything.I just go for it and I just like working with people.Also I like working outside and doing something new each day

Most of my jobs are working outside with people and being social.They are also very interesting jobs that something happens every day.Also in these jobs it requires team work and commiunication with people.

My jobs match with my personality because I am very social and that's what I have to be.I like being outside and most of my jobs are outside.Also all my jobs are fun and i would be happy going to work every day.


1.plasters and stucco masons

2.aircraftbcargo handling supervisors

3.driver/sales worker

4.crafts artist

5.merchendise displayer & window trimmers

6.chef & head cooks

7.sales engineeres

8.commercial 7 industrial designer

9.graphic designer

10.set and exhibit designer


I would be a CRAFTS ARTIST because I have a creative mind.Also I like building things I have built and fixed many things.I am very influential my parents and friends say that i can influence a lot of people.That is some of the reasons that i would be a crafts artist


1.lamar university

2.baylor university

3.hardin-simmons university

I would go to lamar university because it is very cheap and its a good school.Also because they have the things i need to become a crafts artis.Also because you wouldn't spend as much money as in other schools.


I earn $31,080 and i spend $29,503 which means i would have extra money left over which is a good lifestyle because i could by extra things for myself or just save it and buy something better.
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