Edgar Allen Poe

Braden Hart

Who is Edgar Allen Poe

The name Poe brings an image of murderers and madman. He is widely acknowledged as the inventor of detective, horror, and the inventor of science fiction. Poe's reputation today is widely known as horror.

What was his childhood like?

Poe was born to actors in Boston on January 19th, 1809. Edgar, was the second of three children. Within three years of his childhood, His mother died from T.B, and his Dad abandoned him. He went to foster and was then adopted. By age thirteen he published his first book.

How big was his life filled with death and sickness?

His life was full of dread and sorrow. His parents died when he was very young, his wife died from the same sickness of his mother. Though all of this was bad, he did base his stories off of the same dread he went through.

When did he publish his first book?

1827 was when he published his first book, it was after he dropped out of college.

What was his most significant work?

It was his book the Raven, it was for his dying wife, she loved it that's what made her happy through the pain.

What themes from his life are evident in his work?

Death and depression are the themes in his life that are based in his books. His books were also mystery, and horror because of the dread in his life.

Why was his death such a mystery?

Poe's death was such a mystery because of the reason he died. He went to P.A. and wasn't seen until he was on the street with someone's clothes. He was drunk but died from an unknown cause.

What was Poe's impact on the world?

American pop culture, education, and literature. His writings inspired many after his death. His writings weren't noticed until his death.

What genre does Poe's stories fall into?

His genre's included mystery, horror, detective stories, Fiction/ science fiction. These were all of the genre's he used for his fantastic stories.