Keeping up with Kate

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Its Getting Hot Up In This Town!

Breaking news! A fire has occurred at 5905 President St. They predict that it was caused by bad wiring and electrical problems in the basement or on the first floor. Two out of four died, Mr. and Mrs. Motion. The two survivors were the kids, Lonnie (age seven) and Lili Motion (age four). The fire took down the apartments on President St.

Thanks to Pastor Marshall's daughter, for saving Lonnie and Lili Motions life.If they weren't taken to the zoo, then they would be with their parents. The family lived on the fourth floor, but were found on the third floor. The windows are black, sofas and beds burned, dolls covered with ash, everything ruined.

Hopefully we can find great homes for Lonnie and Lili Motion. We will try our best to get more information. Until we do, have a good day!

Time To "Ketchup"

Friday, Feb. 6th, 6pm

The Loski's house

We hope to just sit down and "Ketchup"