Kate & Allie's Animal Shelter

Spring 2016


Greetings from Kitty Purry Lillian Beatrice Baker-Simmons, I am a resident here at Kate & Allie's Animal Shelter. I've slipped into the office to put my own spin on this quarterly newsletter before it's sent out. The newsletter lady is nice, but she just doesn't get it. Spring (kitten season) is coming and I want OUT of here! Consider this your invitation to an event that is very special to my older friends and me, the details are below.
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Have you ever seen a more fancy feline?

A cat is typing this newsletter?!

Yes, I am a cat and I am typing a newsletter. I'm much smarter than you think!

Now that we have that out of the way, let me explain my situation: due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been hanging out here at the adoption center for many months. The people are nice here, and they do feed me very well; but they just don't have the time to give me the things I really want, like love, attention and a people family. I live in a large cage with several other cats. We don't always get along, and this place is starting to stink!! We have fun things in our cage like scratching posts and toys, but it's not the same as having the toys, and a good owner, all to yourself. I want my own home, my own bed, my own bowls, my own EVERYTHING!

But you get to play with all those baby kitties!

I don't like when new baby kittens come to the shelter because people don't understand that just because kittens are tiny and cute, doesn't mean they're more lovable. Plus, if you adopt an older cat, he or she is more likely to be litter trained, and that's VERY important! I need a home first, and when those kittens are here, people always pick the kittens. I have been here for several months and every day I hope to be able to go to my forever home with my new family. It hasn't happened yet, but I know I'm a good kitty and I'll have a loving home soon. I'm just waiting on the right family.

Your official invitation!!

In the month of June, make plans to visit any animal shelter and take home a cat! If you want to make ME a happy cat, come get ME (and maybe one of my friends) and take us to your home!! We would love you and be grateful to you forever! So come on, get in your car, drive to the Adoption Center and pick us up, please!!

National Adopt a Cat Month

Wednesday, June 1st, 7am to Thursday, June 30th, 5pm

Animal Shelters Everywhere!!

Katie Simmons and Allie Brown

We are doing this for a project for our school. We thought this would be pretty cool! Just so you know, Kitty the Cat is a real cat! :) WE HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

We are very serious .......just kitten!!!!!!!!!!!