Olympus news

by: JosieS. EmilyM. and AshleyB.

Abduction in Olympus

Hades Became the ruler of the underworld after him and his brothers drew a picture to see wich world they ruled. Hi brothers (Zeus and Posiden) drew a picture of the sky therefor they ruled the sky. However that meant that Hades was left with the underworld. After a while He married Persephone (his sisters daughter) and she ask aped. When She was alone in the meadow with her friends, Hades kid napped her and brought her back down to the underworld. Demeter (Hades sister and also the mother of his wife) found out from her two friends that they were with Persephone when she was disappeared. She turned them into birds and searched everywhere to find her daughter. When Demeter finally found her, Persephone had told Demeter that she had eaten food from the underworld. Demeter looked at her daughter and explained to her that if you eat a food in the underworld, then you have to stay there for half of a year. Since Demeter is the god of the seasons, when she is sad they had gloomy seasons. That is why we have fall and winter; because Demeter was sad that her daughter had to be in the underworld for a half of a year and she couldn't see her, so that is why we have fall and winter.

Interview with Hades


R: Hello Hades, how is it going in the underworld?

H: Hi, it is a hard time for me because my wife just left me to go to with her mother, demeter.

R: I can see that. Why did you take her down with you in the first place?

H: I took her with me because i wanted her to be my wife and live with me in the dreaded underworld.

R: How did she feel about that?

H: I’m pretty sure that she was not very happy with it but I would make her be happy down here.

R: Did your plan work out?

H: It did and didn’t. I was happy that she has to stay down with me for sometime, but i wanted her to stay with me for the whole year.

R: What do you think of the outcome of this situation?

H: It was a ok outcome. I would have liked it differently.

R: Do you think she knew about the food and that she would have to stay down there for half of the year?

H: I like to think that she likes me but i’m pretty sure that she doesn’t sadly.

R: Did you want her to be happy?

H: I did but i wanted her to be happy by my side.

R: Do you think she was happy down with you?

H: I don’t think so.

R: What do you think of demeter?

H: She is my sister so i have no bad things to say about her.

R: Do you have any comments about this kidnap?

H: I am glad that is did what i did.

R: It was nice talking to you.

H: You too. Good Bye.


This is Hades. He is the ruler of the underworld.

Hades vs. Shakira


They are both determined

They both act like leaders

Shakira and hades dress darkly

They both have to get there way

They both like to dance


Hades isn't popular

Shakira isn't mean

Shakira is more involved hades isn't

Shakira isn't creepy

Shakira doesn't live in the underworld.

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The goddess of the harvest.
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She is the daughter of Demeter and the wife of Hades.