The Diamond State

Some Things About Delaware.

Delaware isn't the biggest state. It is pretty small. It has a football team. It is called "Delaware fightin blue hens football".The capital of Delaware is Dover. The year is became a state was December 7, 1787. The flag was adopted July 4, 1913. The state bird is clearly the Blue Hen. The motto is Liberty and Independence.The State population is 935,614. The governor is Jack Markwell. Those are some things about Delaware.
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Did you know?

Jack Marckwell is 55 years of age,, The state nickame is "The Diamond State", The year is became a state is December 7, 1787. The flower is the Peach Blossom,They have the Eastern time zone,The state of Delaware is located within stenographic provinces, Earthquakes form in Nothern Delaware, Tropical Storms damage a lot, The tree is American Holly, The largest city is Wilmington and last but least The rank of Delaware is 125. Those are some did you knows.

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