Don't abuse your body !

Tobacco and why it's bad

Tobacco kills . Why hurt yourself when not necessary and with over 500 poisons including nail polish remover ,lead, formaldehyde, polonium ,ammonia, butane, DDT ,and arsenic in tobacco smoking is practically a death sentence! Think know do you want to live your life with a numerous amount of horrible definitely uncomfortable sometimes fatal diseases including cancer, atherosclerosis, emphysema, and bronchitis . Cigarettes are basically all that discomfort and poisons in one small paper package like a box you would receive from ups except smaller and deadlier!
This poor man died from smoking he had a son sold a company and earned millions of dollars only to die from lung cancer and have everything taken away from him.
Do you smoke?! - Anti-tobacco advertising commercial
like the picture suggests smoking kills like a gun both are equally dangerous except one kills like a blink of the eye but the other causes slow painful agonizing death.