Analysis of Sport Performance

Level of sport performance

Foundation- at this level participants would mainly be children where the introductions to the sport begin and the consideration of taking a sport for the long term future can be identified. This is by building up the basic understanding of rules and learning the skills required by the sport and enjoying the experience. For example, this can be part of the school curriculum, weekend events and parents teaching the children.

Beginner or participation-at this level participation can be for various reasons such as keeping healthy and being socially active, for example, playing with friends. There may be participation in competitive events. However, not to a larger scale as it would mainly be Sunday leagues and out of school events; also local health clubs that may involve sport such as swimming, hockey, boxing and martial arts.

Performance level-at this level the participants would be fully active in the sport playing at county and national level. The level of talent already existed, however, they would work toward standardising their skills to elite level. This is by setting goals or smart targets to be accomplished over a specified term such as improving components of fitness that relate to their sport. These include power and speed, improving skills related to sport being played or performed ,for example, shooting, passing and tackling.

Elite level- at this stage the sport performer is becoming a world class athlete. Therefore optimal level of performance is produced as competition would be at events such as Olympic Games summer and winter, world or continent cup such as European and African cup of nation.


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Purpose of analysis

At the foundation level, the purpose of the analysis is to determine the skill level amongst young people. For example, a PE teacher may carry out different sporting activities within the school curriculum. This may involve athletic games, sprinting or general common sports, such as football. Therefore, through young people participation, analysis may take place, and as a result, the young person may get selected to play for the school in sporting events that a young person is good. Also, advice would be given on how to improve technique or tactics related to their sporting performance.

However, at the elite level, analysis would be entirely different to foundation, for example, in football squad selection or elimination processes for a team to take part in an elite sport competition. A manager of a football club, such as Sunderland, with his back room advice, would only select a player that is fully fit and have reasonable experience in the competition. However, in terms of fitness, if he is to play a 4-4-2 formation, the manger would expect his central midfield to run up and down the field supporting the forwards and back four, ensuring that the right and left midfield not to get over run by the opposition wingers due to lack of fitness.



At the foundation level facilities for sport can be sport hall at schools, Public Park and local leisure facilities. The first two schools and public park are normally founded by the local councils and free of charge which would include multipurpose play ground and sport hall. However, the local leisure facilities are normally chargeable, either run by a council or private companies, would include specific sports facilities for different sport that young people can take part in.

At the elite level facilities may include stadium, indoor and outdoor training grounds in case of climate change, labs to carry out research regarding player’s performance, gyms for general conditioning exercises. Environmental chambers to get the players used to different climate especially international sport competition. However, Some sporting facilities are used by two teams ,for example , the DW stadium is shared by Wigan athletic and Wigan Warriors rugby team , other sport stadiums may host number of fixture to different sport for example American football is played in Wembley.


At the foundation level, equipment can be the act jumping, throwing, leaping and catching. When they carry out tests, it may be a tape measure costing £14.95, cone multimarkers (set of 40 on stand) costing £21.05, assist digital clipboard costing £10.65, or ability coaching set for cricket costing £150.98. With regard to software equipment, they normally are shared and funded by the council or a budget that allocated by the national government. However, to carry out a fitness test for aerobic endurance such as the bleep test a CD would cost £14.99 and basic CD player cost £13.99.

However at elite level to measure the component of aerobic endurance such as treadmill protocol to measure VO2 max to carry out the test would cost £150 plus VAT. Another example, smart-speed gate system which is a wireless mobile device that comes pre-programmed with a range of automated testing and training programme to measure speed would cost £10,320,00 include VAT. Specific tracks for running involve cost such rental or entrant fee. As well as this, IT software to store data that can be utilised as part of a game preparation and technical and tactical analyses. However, this is fully depending on the IT software that a club is using.


At the foundation level, not much money would be spent on analysis of sport performance, as it would mainly be observational. For example, PE teachers may only require basic stationary equipment, such as pens and paper to record information, cones and tape measure if he is to carry out speed test they would not use timing gate. Also, CD players can be used to carry out the bleep tests for aerobic endurance, but not Vo2 max tests. However, it may cost parents to send their young people to specialist academies or clubs to learn particular sporting activities.

At the elite level, performance analysis may normally cost millions and the analysis may be used by coaches in preparation for the next game or squad preparation for international competition. For example, broadcast services would have cameras in different angles of the playground watching athletes perform. In football, they would use specialist software that records every movement made by a player, for example, passing accuracy, heat map and duels won; to measure the success rate of individual players and their contribution to overall team success and to identify strengths and weaknesses. In the elite competition, such as Champions League and Europa League, the broadcasting service was bought by BT for £879 million on a three year contract. Further to that, they would rely on data collection from specialists, such as Optasports.


At the foundation level, human resources can be PE teachers, parents and basic coaching qualification holders. Teachers are qualified to teach general sporting activities and first aid trained or they would normally have a trained first aider to give treatment in case of injuries. Parents may not be qualified as teachers, but they would teach their young person to learn skills they have developed over lifelong learning. The basic coaching qualification holders can help to develop the young person skills and also can speed up learning of skills, as they can be more critical than parents who are praising their children.

At the elite level, human resources, for example in football clubs such as Arsenal, would be the back room staff which may include physiotherapists; if a player such as Mesut Ozil had an injury, he would help him to recover from injuries such as a calf, hamstring and groin to be back and playing again.This is by putting detailed plan or rehabilitation as well as putting detailed rehabilitation programme for players of long term injuries.

Psychologists would help the player to overcome confidence issues, for example, not performing to his optimum level. Specialist coaches would help the performer to improve his skill level, for example, defending and goal keeping. A nutritionist would design players’ diet working with the club medical team and chefs to ensure that all meals are providing players with nourishment and that they are always hydrated and energised.