Keshara Lee

English 9 4x4 Final Exam

1. Journal Reflection

I would fight for my family if anything ever happens to them. If they need an organ I would fight to give it t them. I would also fight for everybody that suffering like the kids , homeless people and everyone else if I ever have any change or money left I would fight to give it to anyone in need.

I think this is my best journal because it meant something to me. I got to put my heart in it. I actually cared about the question and wanted to answer it the right way. This prompt was interesting to me because I had to think deeper about who to fight for not just for my family and friends but people out in the world that need someone to fight for them. This makes real life connections because sometimes people need you to fight for them and who doesn't want to fight for their family?

2. Dream Speech Revision

I am happy to join with you today to tell you what will go down in my future. My overall dream is to be successful to achieve this dream I would have to graduate from high school. To graduate from high school i’ll have to make sure not to stress over stupid stuff like a mother. Stay focused on school and not let whats going on around me get me distracted. After graduating high school I want to go to college, and work on being a RN. I will go to college if I do what I need to do in high school and make it to the next step. Many people can’t say they graduated, but what I won't do is give up. After college hopefully i'll be ready to work in a hospital and make good money, but I will have to be serious in high school and college to get this far. Working a nice job I want to have a nice house, and a nice car. I can't let all my money go to waste on stuff that isn't my first priority I will have to focus on the more important things first before I do things like go shopping or eat out every night. My last goal in life to tie everything up is to create a family. I will have to still be focused on work to take care of my kids and find a nice husband that is as serious as I am about education and work. I will accomplish all my dreams. My education will be the start of all my success. To be different from the people who couldn't make their dreams come true and show them that it’s possible. If you put your mind to it all your dreams could work out just the way you want it. I will have to stay focused and be ready for every change that will occur in my life; I won’t let anyone throw me off from being a successful young lady.

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3. Student Choice Short Essay

What is worth fighting for?

Fighting for your family is worth it, but it can be deeper than just your family. If you think about what's going on in the world around you and what bothers you. You can stand up and fight for what's right. Like Martin Luther King didn't like what was going on in the world and he made a change he fought for what he believed was right. Fighting is worth whatever you believe in. If you feel a certain way about something you shouldn't just keep your mouth shut and quite about it you should stand up and fight. Fighting doesn't always have to be physical you can also fight with words. Speaking up isn't hard as long as it's for the right purpose. For example, in the book A Gathering of Old Men the black old men stood up for themselves and fought some were scared but they still had to do what they had to do. They fought all their lives so might as well fight for the last time to make whats wrong right. Some of the smallest things is worth fighting for if you put your mind to it. Theirs a lot to fight for in this world if you care enough it will be worth it.

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4. Note to Self: Semester Reflection

Dear , Keshara I think you did pretty good for the first semester you applied yourself like you should and you did what you needed to do. Stayed focused and let no one distracted me. I already messed up the first time I wasn't going to mess up this time. This was my second chance and i'm glad I had it. I didn't take it as advantage. My favorite part of this semester is when we read A Gathering Of Old Men it was very interesting I thought it was going to be boring at first because it was long and the title and picture, but I actually enjoyed the book. My least favorite part of this semester is when we read the Odyssey and did the web quest and chart on it. It was challenging, and i'm not really into that type of stuff so it didn't really catch my eye. Other than that it's been a good semester as long as I did what I came to do and passed.

Sincerely, Keshara Lee

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