Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Jihad


In 1854 there were approximately 4000 women on the goldfields in Ballarat compared to about 12500 men. Most of these women were married.

Roles and Responsibilities

Most women made mini shops so they can make money because thay were poor and some women were entertainers they danced for men and some times men threw littles bits of gold. Some women helped their husbands mine and pan.

Other roles and responsibilities were cooking for miners, caring for children and making bread,butter and jam.


Some women helped other women with medical assistance.To help women give birth to children. On the goldfields it was toxic, people were not clean on the goldfields even children died from viruses like measles.


Children moved schools often because they were moving goldfields.Teachers left if there were

too many children. Children did not have class rooms their class rooms were tents on the goldfields. The tents were made out of canvas material.