Friday Notes

December 9, 2022

Christmas Concert Tonight - No ASP

We will host the concert in our newly renovated multi-purpose room in two parts. Space will be limited, but we welcome extended family and friends to attend. Students should wear "holiday best" and report to their homeroom classrooms 15 minutes before stage time.
  • PK3-Grade 3 (4:00-4:40)
  • Grades 4-8 + Band (5:00-5:45)

At the conclusion of each concert, please retrieve your student from his/her homeroom.

8th Grade Shopping Extravaganza!

Shopping Extravaganza, you say?

This is how it works: parents of all grades, donate new or gently used items from your home. That's right! We make re-gifting cool! Things you don't need, things you have too many of, or things you just plain old don't want, but are way too good to throw away. Things like: crafts or craft supplies; toys; puzzles; candles; books; jewelry; tools; gadgets, etc.

Please drop off your items in the 8th Grade Homeroom next week. Items will sorted and organized. Then set up for sale on the big day - Tuesday, Dec 20.

This is one of the favorite pastimes of our school. For $0.25 or $0.50, all students get a chance to shop for gift for their loved ones. You will be amazed at the selections they make and the "whys" behind those choices!

So mark your calendars!

Donate Items - Dec 12-16

Send Quarters - Dec 20

Basketball News!

The Eagles' basketball season is underway, with practices beginning this past week! Coach Lafrenz sent out emails regarding upcoming games, but in case you missed it:

3/4 Team

Saturday 12/10 @ Cambridge, 9:30 am, 186 School Rd. Jeffersonville, Vt. 05464

Saturday 12/17 @ Eden, 10am, 140 Knowles Flat Rd. Eden, Vt. 05652

5/6 Team

Tuesday 12/13 @ Wolcott, 5:30 pm, 320 School Hill Drive, Wolcott, Vt 05680

Friday 12/16 @ Waterville, 6:00 pm, 3414 Vt-109, Waterville, Vt. 05492

Saturday 12/17 @ Hyde Park, 10:30 am, 50 Main Street, Hyde Park, Vt. 05655

7/8 Team

Tuesday 12/13 @ Peoples Academy Middle Level Boys, 5:00 pm, 202 Copley Ave, Morristown, Vt. 05661

Second Week of Advent

The focus for the second Sunday of Advent is peace. As you recall, the first week, we focused on hope and how we can be the incarnation of that hope to those around us who are hurting. This week as we turn toward peace, we see that one way that we can bring that hope into the world is to be peacemakers. Let us all focus on bringing peace into our community.

Country Store on Main - December Winner

Congratulations to Nickie Fisher for winning this month's Country Store on Main gift card! Be sure to stop by this amazing store that is brimming with holiday cheer! You will be sure to find something for the cooking and home enthusiast on your list - and you might even run into BJAMS mom and store owner, Cristina Mink (Gunnar, 7th, Livia, 5th)!

ASP Corner

Please be sure to register your student for the month of November.

Mark your calendar - NO ASP - today or December 21-31.

Coming Up Next

Dec 12 - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec 13 - Honor Roll Assembly, grades 3-8, 8:05

Dec 13 - Confession, 1 pm

Dec 21 - Half Day, NO ASP, dismissal at 12 pm sharp, start of Christmas Break

Jan 2 - Return to school

Nurse Notes

Winter Safety Tips

Winter can be a difficult time to stay active. Cold weather aside, it’s dark in the early hours before work, and seemingly dark again by 4:30PM! There are however, ways to make exercising this time of year a little safer and more manageable:

  • Make sure you are visible to drivers by wearing light and bright clothing, or better yet, bring flashlights/bike lights and wear something reflective.
  • If wearing reflectors, they should be visible from the front and the back. A reflector should dangle. Drivers notice movement more than a stationary reflection.

  • Cyclists are required by law to use either a flashing or steady red rear light OR a minimum of 20 square inches of reflective material facing to the rear.
  • Cross streets in well-lit areas with the best view of traffic.
  • Use sidewalks whenever possible.
  • At the bus stop: cross behind the bus or in the crosswalk.
  • Watch for cars, bikes, and other vehicles – because they might not be watching for you.

Did you know bicycle crashes happen even in the winter in Vermont? Granted, the summer months see significantly more of these than in the winter, but they are not unheard of. Washington and Bennington/Windham counties see the most bicycle accidents per year. For more information on bicycle related accident statistics, go here.

There is a new initiative that has launched this month which will hopefully reduce the number of accidents suffered by those walking, biking, or riding during the extended darker hours, called “Watch for me” that has rolled out in select communities across the state. If successful, the state is poised to roll this out statewide for next year. Including interesting safety tips, the program is offering distribution sites for safety gear to help people avoid accidents. To find out more, and if there is a site coming up near you, please look here.


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