Malaysian Airplane

What happened to flight 370?

Malaysian airplane...where are you?

The mystery of the Malaysian airplane may never be found. Studies show that the plane descended to 12,000 feet before disappearing off the map. Also, it showed the Strait of Malacca before the flight carrying 239 people disappeared. The last place the airplane was detected was Pelau Perek at 2:40 am. We've been searching for the Flight 370 for 28 days and haven't found any evidence of where it is. The search for Flight 370 still continues......that no emergency calls were made from the plane whether the pilot tried to and service failed or if he didn't event try. The plane was traveling to the west of



Saturday March 8th- Airline loses contact with plane 1-2 hours after takeoff

Sunday March 9th- Radar indicates flight may have turned back from it's scheduled route to Beijing.

Monday March 10th- Questions mounted over whether a bomb or hijacking could have brought the airplane down.

Wednesday March 12th- Missing Malaysia Airlines jets expand to an area between China and India

Friday March 14th- Recieved signals from the plane 4 hours after if disappeared.

Wednesday March 19th- FBI joins the search for the airplane.

Tuesday March 25th- Malaysia Airlines were offering relatives of the victim $5,000 in compensation of the victims.