Speaking Circles Class

Find Your Authentic Voice. Tues. May 12-10:00 AM -12:00 PM

Join a group of people that want to express themselves with ease and authenticity.

Be heard and listen at the same time. With the Speaking Circle method you will learn to speak from you heart, get centered with your thoughts and connect with your audience and access your own authentic style. You will have opportunities to tell your story, uninterrupted to people that are really listening as I support, guide and encourage you. The class size is small which helps minimize anxiety.

Complimentary "Try Out" Class

Come try it out!!! Here at Little House. Class begins at 10:00 AM in room ?

Nothing to prepare.

Come as you are.

Topics are not required.

website: publicspeakingrevolution.com

Testimonial: Doug Patrick. Los Gatos."This is a wonderful opportunity not only for people that wish to be comfortable with their speaking but to develop a sense of their authentic self and speak from that position. This is a huge gift."