Team SHINE Monthly Newsletter


FINALLY! It's Spring!!!!

Enjoy the new Summer catalog and new season that has finally SPRUNG!
U2 Beautiful Day

What the numbers say...

Look at Who's TOPS in Sales...

February - Michelle Serena $1,558

March - Tracy Tripler $1,971

April - Tracy Tripler $3,579

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Please meet the newest members of our team...

  • Marie Tripler - 4/16 (Connecticut) sponsored by Tracy Tripler
  • Jennifer Canning - 4/24 (Connecticut) sponsored by Suzanne Whelchel
  • Kelley Myer - 4/24 (Montana) sponsored by Barbara Davis
  • Melissa Tunno - 4/30 (Connecticut) sponsored by Suzanne Whelchel
  • Bernadette Liotta - 4/30 (Connecticut) sponsored by Suzanne Whelchel


Jennifer Canning - 4/1

Erin Scalera - 4/2

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  • Sherrie Roland - 4/12/13
  • Valerie Saccomanno - 4/22/13
  • Donna Tesar - 4/30/13

New catalog, new season, NEW ATTITUDE!!

Patti LaBelle - New Attitude


SPOTLIGHT ON... Suzanne Whelchel

Hi ladies! Each month I would like to SHINE the SPOTLIGHT on 1 or 2 members of our team. As our team grows and spreads it can be difficult to keep track of who is who. Sooo...I will start. In January 2004, I became a SAHM when our first daughter, Sofia, was born. Up until that time, I had been a third grade teacher at Garden Street Elementary School in Brewster, NY. In 2008 I decided to re-enter the field of education, back in Brewster, but as a substitute. In 2011, during a long term sub assignment, I met a 31 consultant, had a party and was smitten. I signed on as a consultant in June 2011 during the famous hiring freeze. In July, the freeze was lifted and I officially became a consultant. In April 2012 I promoted to Sr. Consultant. I attended my first National Conference in Atlanta, GA (with my first 2 recruits Annie Ovanessian and Tammy Tucker) in July 2012. We had an amazing time. As long as I am a consultant I will NEVER miss a National Conference!! The day I left my first conference, my title changed to Director. I remember in the beginning not really being sure what I wanted to do with Thirty-One or how far I wanted to take the leadership role. But now I can tell you that I love being a leader and being able to take advantage of all the opportunities that come with that role. I know that I still have A LOT of learning to do and a LONG way to go as a leader. I don't take that lightly and I often beat myself up with regard to my performance as your leader. But, I am learning and trying and giving you all that I can, even if sometimes I fall short. Just know that my favorite role as a Thirty-One consultant is the role of leader and my goal is for as many of you as possible, to experience the role of leadership.

As I approach my third anniversary with Thirty-One, I feel blessed. I love being able to work at home and be with my HOT (Husband of Thirty-One)John, and my 2 girls Sofia and Corinne. I am there for them whenever they need me. I love to party with my hostesses and get them loads of FREEBIES. I love the trips and training. But most of all I LOVE the connections I've made with some amazing women, most of whom I would have never met had it not been for Thirty-One. Ladies... this is your business and your business alone. If you dare to Dream Big and work hard, it Will take you far!!! I promise! Let's catch some stars and sparkle! Love and Hugs