Matt Christopher

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Matt became interested in writing when he was 14. He sold his first book for $50 to detective story magazines. His favorite book he wrote was ¨The Kid Who Only Hit Homers¨. He said he would never trade writing for another profession. His first book that was published was ¨The Lucky Baseball Bat¨.
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Book summary one Little Leauge District Double Header

Cousins and also best friends Liam and Carter Mgrath are seperated in this book. They were on the same little leauge team the year before but now there not. They got 2nd in the U.S. Championship at the LIttle Leauge world serries. Now Liam moves all the way west too Calafornia. He will have a lot different competion and will have to fit in. Will he make it?
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Book Talk

Can you imagine moving all the way too California away from your beast friend and cousin?In this book ¨Little Leauge Double Header¨ by Matt Christopher. Liam Moves to California away from Carter. Liam has to make new friends and teamates. During a game he thinks he hits a Home Run but its not and he gets out. What do you think he will do? Do You think he will make it?

5 Matt Christopher Books

  • ¨World Series"
  • ¨The great Quarter Back Switch¨
  • "TakeDown"
  • "The Boy With The Glass Arm"
  • "State ShowDown"
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