Roller Coasters!!!

By: Maggie L.

What is a roller coaster?

A roller coaster is a thrill ride. It is also called a runaway train. A roller coaster is also made of steel. Sometimes a roller coaster is made of wood. Most of the time now they are not made of wood.

When was the first roller coaster built

The first roller coaster was built in the 1600’s. It was built in Russia and called the flying mountains. People rode on sleds and shot down a wooden slope. The first real roller coaster opened in 1884 at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. It was known as the Switch Back Railway.

How do roller coasters work?

Roller coasters work with speed. They also have to have momentum for them to move. Gravity pulls the train up and down hills. Without gravity we wouldn’t have a fun roller coaster. You have to have friction to build a roller coaster. Without friction you would have a boring roller coaster.

What is the proper equipment to build a roller coaster?

Roller coasters are designed on the computer before built. Then a roller coaster is built with earth moving machines. To hold the parts together builders use a thing called rebar. They also use ties to hold the roller coaster up. Then they use concrete to keep it from falling.

How are roller coasters designed?

Roller coasters are designed by engineers and designers. Roller coasters are built by constructors. They are created with computers at manufacturing companies.

What is a roller coaster like?

A roller coaster is very fun but only if you like them They are also very scary at some points. A lot of times roller coasters are very fast. Sometimes little kid roller coasters are very slow. A lot of roller coasters have loops and turns that make you go upside down.

How do you make roller coasters safe?

Roller coasters are safe because they use the proper equipment to build it. They use buckles to keep you safe and secure. They also make rules and in order to stay safe you have to follow the rules.