Staff Newsletter: October 28, 2019



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This Week


Monday, October 28

9:30 am - 10:00 am - Main Office Meeting

Tuesday, October 29

10:30 am - 12:00 pm - U.S. Army Aviation - Blackhawk

Wednesday, October 30

7:35 am - 7:55 am - Grade-Level PLC

**grade-level PLC information located in the "High School Information" folder**

Thursday, October 31 - Happy Halloween - Bust out a costume - the kids love it!

Another Great Day to be a Panther!

Friday, November 1 - WHAT? November 1st Already?

8:45 am - 10:45 am - HSLT Meeting

11:00 am - 3:30 pm - IDS to MS (Hanson)

Mandatory Open Enrollment Meeting

It’s that time of year again. The health insurance open enrollment period will begin Monday, October 28th and ends Friday, November 22nd.

The District will continue to have two high deductible health insurance plans.

Plan Year 2020

$2,000/$4,000 Non-Embedded HDHP

$3,500/$7,000 Embedded HDHP

· As required every year, the 2020 Health Savings Account Form will need to be completed by every employee enrolled in the District health insurance plan. There is no exception. The link to the HSA form is attached here. The HSA forms will also be available at all open enrollment meetings.

· If you are planning to change plans, you will need to complete a new HealthPartners Change Form. If you are planning to join the District’s Health Plan for the first time you will need to complete the HealthPartners Enrollment Form. The enrollment and change forms will also be available at all open enrollment meetings.

  • PREFERRED DEDUCTIBLE DIFFERENTIAL: Employees and spouses on the District health plan must complete a health assessment, annual physical exam, and one wellness activity beginning 1/1/2020 through 9/30/2020 to earn a benefit differential of $500/single coverage or $1,000/family coverage. NOTE: Earning the Preferred Benefit guarantees that you’re deductible will be $500/$1,000 family less than the deductible of a member who chooses not to fulfill the Health & Well-Being plan requirements. It does not mean that your deductible will be less than it is today.

  • ·NEW THIS YEAR: All 9-month employees may apply for Dental Coverage. The cost for Single coverage is: $30.41/pay period and Family coverage is $78.71/pay period. Forms are available at the open enrollment meetings. This is a one-time chance to join the dental plan without pre-existing condition exclusions. If you decide to join at a later day, pre-existing conditions will have a 12 month waiting period. Attached is a Brochure of Dental Benefits.

  • ·WE ARE CHANGING VISION PROVIDERS: We have a new vision provider, VSP, Reliance Standard. This provider offers a much larger selection of providers and the coverage and benefits you will receive are much better. More information will be available at the Open Enrollment meetings. Attached is a Brochure that more thoroughly explains our new plan. (VSP, Reliance Standard Website)

Every employee will be required to complete a VSP Enrollment form. The form asks for the Social Security Number of each dependent you are enrolling in the plan. Attached is the VSP Enrollment form which you can complete and bring to the meeting, or just remember to bring the Social Security Numbers to the Open Enrollment meetings.

Anyone is welcome at any meeting. The support staff meetings will be discussing dental insurance so we wanted teachers to have an opportunity to make the best use of their time.

High School Support Staff

October 29th

7:15 am

Lecture Room

High School Teachers

October 7th

7:15 am

Lecture Room

  • If you do not carry the District’s Health Insurance, you are still required to come to the beginning of the Open Enrollment meetings to hear about the Vision Insurance changes (Teachers) and Vision and Dental changes (Support Staff Only).


Thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

Gretchen Rozeboom - Bought a ticket for a student to see Temple Grandin at UWRF, encouraged her to go up front to ask Temple a question.

Rachel Hanson - Provided coffee for conferences! #conferencechamp

Garret Wenzel - Promoting CTE and manufacturing to the students by taking them on valuable field trips.

Courtney Hawkins - Helping keep CTE departments start on all that is Carl Perkins funding

Cider Stranger - I'm about a week late but thanks for the free cider from the Panther Perks shop! It was every bit as good as everyone talked it up to be!

Mr. Travis Madigan - Thanks for hosting this weekend! You da man!

Arianna Wirebaugh - Letting me sit in and observe an activity-filled day of German 1 and keeping the students engaged

Heather Jourdeans and the Social Studies Department - Heather: Thank you for setting up our potlucks! SS Department: Thank you for providing delicious chili!

The Phantom Microwave Cleaner - Somebody is washing the microwave trays, and it is appreciated.

Courtney Hawkins - Always so positive with our students!

Rachel Hanson - Making Coffee for Conferences

Kurt Soderberg - Added more standards to teacherease...again. Thanks!

Heather Jourdeans - Organized conference potluck.

Logan Kimberly - Thanks for supplying the health room with deodorant for students

Courtney Hawkins - Shares extra food from her classes! Thank you!

Beth Ombati - Provided a gift card to a student to buy a pair of shoes that fit properly

Ty Ketz - Always finding time to greet and interact with all of my students. They appreciate the extra interactions as do I!

Milinda Gafford - For being hands-down awesome. Thanks for the hug!

Rachel Evenson-Fink - Giving me advice and listening to my rants about life in general. Every encouraging word is MUCH appreciated.

Gretchen Rozeboom and Courtney Hawkins - For being my High School "mentor" volunteers. Y'all are great.

Sean Conway - Giving me a chance to play the trombone again.

Dani Wollberg and Emily Wech - Very productive PLC meetings. We get so much done in our short time together.

Ryan Wood and Adam Sheldon - Helping me keep my kids caught up by getting their work done in WIN time!

Tracie Crowley - Helpful feedback from an observation and helping me come up with ideas to get kids more involved in the language!

Kurt Soderberg - For being very responsive to a parent's question about Teacherease.

John Koehler - I just wanted to say that I'm sooooo happy we became best friends in such a short period of time. You have replaced Cami completely and are truly my number 1 best friend. - Dani

Kurt Soderberg - Researching all my TeacherEase questions!

Lori Cress - She is the substitute queen. Thanks for all you do!

Tracy Klein - Thank you so much for supporting me through my very first 504 meeting!

Jason Koele - Thank you for being you, your energy, mannerisms, and positive outlook on things make working here an even more amazing experience!

Courtney Hawkins - You continue to grace us all with your amazing cooking and uplifting personality. Thank you for being you.

Rachel Hanson - Thank you so much for covering for me!

John Koehler - For having a great head of hair!!!

Dani Wollberg and Cami Stansbury - For safely navigating all types of drains...so far.

Logan Kimberly - For getting the tab for a few colleagues!

Ty Ketz - Great mindfulness session at EdCamp! Great job leading us to relaxation!!

Dani Wollberg - "Whoot, Whoot"

Travis Madigan (Makayla, Kim, & Dan) - Hosted a really fun staff Halloween party. Very generous, great set up, great food and bevs. Thanks!

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