Electrostatic Air filters!

Delwin Lam

What are electrostatic air filters?

Electrostatic air filters are filtration devices that use electrostatic attraction to remove matter that people do not want. For example, dust or cigarette smoke in the air. They take all the bad stuff out of the air so the air is fresh and clean! The border can be made by gold or silver and the plates are flat and metal.

How electrostatic air filters work

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Electrostatic filters are filtration devices that use electrostatics to work. The electrostatic air cleanser/filter charges the air particles in the incoming air. After they get charged, they are attracted to the flat collector plates that are oppositely charged. Positive and negative charges attract so they are forced together. The particles are literally stuck to the plates and they are removed only when they are manually removed. These filters are good to use at home and will clean out the bad air in the house!


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