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November 2022

Fall Ninja League Finals

Fall Ninja League had its final event on Friday, November 11th. The last competition was a crucial one, with season awards for all age groups coming down to the final course runs.

Congratulations to our age group champions - Nolan (Group A), Jackson (Group B), Miles (Group C), and Spencer (Group D)

And congratulations to all of the Ninjas who worked hard across eight intense courses! We hope to see everyone again for Winter League in January!

Winter Ninja League

Registration is now open for Winter Ninja League!

Ninja League is a competitive program open to children ages 6-14.

Each competition consists of two different courses, with a short practice time before each competition. Competitors will receive awards for each course, as well as combined awards out of 100 points at each Event. Overall Season Awards will be given based on each student's best three performances.

Registration in a Ninja Class is not required!

Competitions are Friday Nights - January 20th, January 27th, February 10th, March 3rd

UNAA Area Qualifiers

Season 8 of the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) is now underway, and members of the Altius Ninja crew have been working hard to qualify for the next round and make it all the way to the finals in Orlando!

  • U7 Ninja Kaely scored back-to-back second-place finishes at ORTHDX in Madison and Flipside in Chicago (what a busy weekend!) and secured herself a spot at Regionals.
  • U9 Gavin moved up to a new age group this season and received a perfect score in his debut at ORTHDX.
  • U11s Landon and Deuce also moved up to a new division and made strong showings at ORTHDX, finishing just off the podium by a single point.

There are several more events upcoming, including our own on December 18th.

Interested in getting into UNAA competitions? Shoot us an e-mail @

Big picture

Altius Ultimate Ninja

Sunday, Dec. 18th, 9am

9670 South Franklin Drive

Franklin, WI

We're excited to host a UNAA Season 8 Area Qualifier on December 18th.

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) organizes events worldwide. Competitions have age groups ranging from 6&7-year-olds all the way to adults!

Contestants compete on a challenging course hoping to score high enough to qualify for the next round. Area Qualifiers are the first step, followed by Regionals, and then finally, the World Championships. Worlds are in Orlando next July, and we hope to see tons of Altius Ninjas representing!

What's New!

New Obstacles

We're always adding new challenges to our Ninja setups, and this past month has been no exception.

Skills Update

Jumping, Balancing, and Strength are the keys to Ninja growth.

We love tracking progress in our program and encourage students to always strive for their personal best! You can follow along with your child's accomplishments at

We test twelve skills throughout the year, and we've looked at four of those already. here is what they are and a little more about what we've been up to!

Barrel Roll

This skill is a combination of speed and balance and requires students to move 18 feet backward as fast as they can while rolling on top of an octagonal barrel. Kids can also receive a partial score if they hit checkmarks of 25, 50, or 75% distance.

Chin Hold

Chin hold tests just that- how long students can hold a chin hold position while hanging on a bar. Undergrip, overgip, mixed grip? Doesn't matter as long as you bring your muscles!

Ropes & Webs

This skill is one of the toughest on the list, as it is an "all or nothing" challenge. Students must cross four different ropes, using every single one, and then cross four spider webs. The only place they can touch the ground (other than the start and finish) is a landing mat in between the ropes and webs.

Rock Climbing

This is one of the trickiest skills on the list, but it is an obstacle that truly tests balance (and can be found in Ninja competitions for all ages!) Ninjas must travel down a 10' PVC pipe, touch a turnaround point, and cross a second time without ever touching the ground. Partial scores are given for distance, while a complete trip down and back is timed.

Ninja Events

Ninja & Climbing Extra Practice

December 2nd & December 9th

Ages 6 - 14

Open Practice allows active Ninja and Gymnastics students extra time on our Ninja stations and Climbing walls. Students are allowed on that equipment only.
Cost : $10 for One Child, $8 for Siblings
Advanced Registration is Required - Members Only

Other Upcoming UNAA Events

  • December 3rd - Four Star Ninja - Fargo, ND
  • December 4th - Flipside - North Riverside (near Chicago), IL
  • December 31st - World Class Dragons - Belleville (near St. Louis), IL
  • January 7th - Conquer Ninja - Fargo, ND
  • January 28th-29th - Conquer Ninja - Minnesota
  • January 29th - Ninja U - Cedar Falls, IA
  • February 11th-12th - Fly Kids - Cincinnati, OH
  • February 11th-12th - Tri County Ninja - Fenton (near Detroit), MI

Full Schedule & Registration Links

Altius Ninja

Interested in competitions? Have questions about classes or upcoming events? Contact us at