Top 5 Developments of Civilizations

By: Amulya, Aoife, Ashlyn and Rebekah


Throughout early civilizations many different developments led to important change in societies. From advances in agriculture to the development of the wheel to the expansion of communication, society was improved into what it is today.

5. Religion

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Religion was the base of society. This is because it set moral standards for each person such as respect all living things. It also set rules and gender roles. Religion was spread through trade which lead to cultural diffusion in different places. Religion was important because it set the standards and allowed people to believe in what they thought ruled over them and protected them; such as a war god.

4. Trade

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Trade was the interaction between place and place when items, religion, and ideas were exchanged. Trade was important because it spread the thoughts and beliefs of many people. Many religions and religious beliefs such as the beliefs of deities and an after life were exchanged between people. Items that were special to certain places were also traded, leading to more and more items traveling and ending up around the world. Ideas and technology were also traded. Trade was important because it lead to interaction between places and allowed items, religious beliefs, and ideas to travel to all different places.

3. Transportation

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The introduction of the wheel influenced international trade and migration. When Sumerians created the wheel they incorporated it into the use of chariots and carts. This made travelling from one spot to another significantly easier. It even led people to migrate further distances, and to trade with foreign people, diffusing cultural and physical traits. This spread of culture and transportational development helped revolutionize the ways of travel in modern day.

2. Communication

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Communication was the foundation of civilization, which means that in the past it was a major development. The Indo-European cluster is one of the most important because it is the base of societies written language. Word of mouth travels fast and spreads culture. If you look at the languages throughout Europe, many have similar words and pronunciations. One of the most stabilized societies was ancient China. They had a written language that unified them as a society and created a system still used today.

1. Agriculture

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Agriculture was the foundation for all economies in early civilizations. It led to the establishment of communication, transportation, trade and religion. Agriculture gave civilizations the resources to develop, produce and spread economic values throughout the world. As it advanced throughout society, people would hear about the new surplus and migrate, allowing establishment of cities. When cities became more complex, people would migrate to new areas, and specialization of labor became high in demand. As specialization of labor grew, so did the need for social structures. It allowed communities to become more organized and gain the authority they needed for survival. All of these aspects of ancient society, provided an initial foundation for today’s world to be built off of.