What is Natural Gas?

It is a better alternative energy source for the future!

Why Is This A Better Alternative Energy Source?

Natural gas is a better alternative energy source because it is plentiful, clean, and most of all, works. Natural gas has been around for thousands of years, but we haven't been using until recently. So, there has been a huge problem with how we use it and process it. Of course most of it is completely methane, but the part we use is very little. Therefore processing it is very hard.

What Is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is similar to petroleum or coal because it is a fossil fuel. Natural gas is formed when dead animal or plant matter is trapped in layers of sand and sedimentary rock and is under high levels of pressure for a long time. Natural gas can be found when we are digging for coal and oil. natural gas does in fact have several uses as a energy source.

Advantages and Disadvantages



-Burns clean and what you burn it you get all the energy you would have with electricity and more because 70% of all electricity is lost- you don't get it.


-99% of all the gas we use comes from North America (84% U.S) And with these numbers we can definitely cut down on the dependence of imported energy fuels






- Can be dangerous if handled incorrectly due to high flammability (most common cause of carbon monoxide deaths)

- It's abundance is good, but it is a fossil fuel therefore it is finite

-construction and managing of the pipelines cost a lot if not for the transportation itself

- not necessarily a fuel used for vehicles because of its high combustibility

How is Natural Gas Used?

Natural gas is used for homes and businesses for heat and energy. To create energy from natural gas first you burn it. Then a lot of heat energy escapes from inside and you can capture it for various uses. At homes you can use it directly to heat things like your oven or shower head.

In power plants the heat is used to turn combustion turbines or to make steam to turn steam turbines thus creating energy which is used to do whatever you want with it.