Pandas are Leaders

French Elementary is proud to be a Leader in Me School. Leader in Me is a whole-school focus on the idea that everyone can be a leader. This evidence-based approach empowers students with the leadership and life-skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. We focus on developing the whole-child by:

  • teaching LEADERSHIP to every student,
  • creating a CULTURE of student empowerment,
  • and aligning systems to drive results in ACADEMICS.

The principles taught in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are universal, timeless principles of personal, interpersonal and organizational effectiveness. They are secular in nature and common to all people and cultures. They transcend political, philosophical, religious, socioeconomic, generational, gender, and lifestyle differences, and may be adapted and applied in any context or environment.

Habit #1 - Be Proactive: You're In Charge

Habit #2 - Begin with the End in Mind: Have A Plan

Habit #3 - Put First Things First: Work First, Then Play

Habit #4 - Think Win-Win: Everyone Can Win

Habit # 5 - Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood: Listen Before You Talk

Habit #6 - Synergize: Together Is Better

Habit #7 - Sharpen the Saw: Balance Feels Best

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Pandas Put First Things First!

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What Leadership Means to Our Students

Leadership means respecting others by making good decisions. Leaders put thought into their work. - Gabriel 4th

Leadership means doing what I'm supposed to do and showing others what to do. - James 2nd

Leadership means not following others but doing good things even when no one is watching. - Romeo 5th

Leadership means you are kind to others by showing respect and being good to people. - Starr 3rd

Leadership is being kind to our friends and doing our jobs. I'm the germ buster! - Deonte Kinder

Leadership means paying attention in class & listening to others. Then we synergize to do the 7 Habits. - Caroline 2nd

Leadership is being nice and cleaning my room. - Amanda 1st

Leadership means to be nice to people and to help people. - Blake 5th

Leadership means standing up for something and someone! - Eddie 3rd

Leadership means doing the right thing and looking out for others. - Korra 4th

Leadership means showing others good examples to do your best. - Emory 2nd

Leadership means helping people. - Josiah 1st

Leadership is helping people and being nice. Leaders do jobs. - Jordan Kinder

Leadership is being respectful and showing POWER by helping others. - Connor 5th

Leadership is doing the 8 habits and always showing PANDA POWER. - Jack 3rd

Leadership means doing good and being proactive. Learn the 7 Habits to be a leader. - Hunter 2nd

Leadership means helping and reminding people what their job is and to lead by example. - Zach 4th

Leadership is being respectful and kind to play and learn together. - Sebastian 1st

Leadership means helping others and leading the cause to be good. - Brody 3rd

Leadership means taking care of you. Leaders keep their hands to themselves. - Alexis Kinder

Leadership Roles at Home

Click here to see how you can implement Leadership roles at home.

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