Historical Tour of the Falls

January 14, 2015 - January 22, 2015

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Welcome to the Historical Tour of the Falls! We are so excited to have you aboard this friendly trip. As you read on this brochure you will be able to see our trip times, our stops, locations, and historical information!

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Stop #1 - Rome, Italy

Our first stop will be Rome, Italy. This place also dates back to 1544, when Franco-Flemish composer Orlando di Lassus accompanied Gonzaga back to Italy.

Here you will also find that Orlando di Lassus, from 1553 to 1554, was the chapel-master of the papal church of St. John at Rome.

This, amazingly, was the same chapel that Josquin de Pres preformed in between the years of 1586 and 1494.

FUN FACT: Martin Luther thought extremely highly of Josquin de Pres, he had even called him, 'master of notes, which must do as he wishes; other composers must do what the notes wish.'

Orlando Di Lassus -

His music was known for it's emotional intensity.

A piece by him is called 'Magnum Opus Musicum'

Josquin de Pres -

20 of his masses survived complete and the 17 that were printed in his time have been discovered.

A piece by him is called 'Miserere'

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Stop #2 - Paris, France (A.K.A. The City of Love and Music)

Here in the City of Love, there is much more you can find that does not involve cafe's and the Eiffel Tower!

A great composer had once lived here, he goes by the name Binchois, Gilles Binchois.

Gilles had lived in Paris serving William de la Pole (who was the 1st duke of Suffolk, an English commander in the Hundred Years' War, and a High Admiral of England). Later on, in 1425, Gilles returned to Hainaut with William de la Pole.

Gilles Binchois -

He was known for creating the finest music of the genre. Elegance in a line, and a three part song.

He created both sacred and secular music.

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Stop #3 - Conde, France.

In another lovely city in France, is where we will find more of the past of Josquin de Pres. In 1505, Josquin de Pres became the head of the collegiate church in Notre Dame. Many scholars want to believe that Josquin de Pres had lived the rest of his life in Conde, France until he died in 1521, yet we have no record of anything afterwards.

Josquin de Pres -

Scholars believe that Josquin de Pres is considered to be the first master of the Renaissance style of polyphonic vocal music.

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Stop #4 - Tours, France.

The famous Jean de Ockeghem was the Treasurer of the Abbey Saint Martin Tours, located in Tours, France. Even though, Tours, France played a big role in the life of Jean de Ockeghem it was also where his life had ended. On 1497 Jean de Ockeghem died in Tours, France.

Jean de Ockeghem -

He was known because the melodic lines in his masses were longer than those of chansons, while his rhythms in chansons are more straight forward than masses.

One of his pieces is called 'Ave Maria'

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Stop #5 - Antwerp, Belgium

We have a pretty cool stop for this one!

Orlando di Lassus, and Jean de Ockeghem both have one thing in common, and it is the beautiful city of Antwerp.

Orlando di Lassus had a temporary stay in Antwerp writing many of his notes in the years of 1555-1556.

Jean de Ockeghem had lived in Antwerp for a year, singing. Between the years of 1443-1444, the documents that have been found place him with more than 50 singers in the choir of Church Our Lady in Antwerp.

Fun Fact: Jean de Ockeghem was a composer for two successive french kings, Louis XI and Charles VII.

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Stop #6 -Mons, Belgium

In this wonderful city, is where the great composer Gilles Binchois was born in on 1400.

Gilles Binchois was considered to be one of the three most famous composers of the early 15th century (w/ Guilliaume Dufay and John Dunstable).

Gilles Binchois also returned here and was also a canon at a church in Mons with Guilliaume Dufay.

Gilles Binchois -

One of his most famous compositions is called 'Se j'eusse un seul peu d'esperance'

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Stop #7 - Flanders, Belgium

And this is where we come to a stop.

Flanders, Belgium.

This is when we celebrate the birth of the famously loved and respected Jean de Ockeghem.

The composer of 'Salvia Regina' is born.

I hope you have a great experience like I have to meet you all.

Thank you.

I wish to see you again.