A Clockwork Orange

Banned from School?

Unfair to Youth!

The teenagers of today will be deprived of a great educational experience if they are not required to read "A Clockwork Orange". It is filled with violence, yes, but there is more to the book than just bad. It is filled with mind-challenging slang and important themes, such as not relying on others to do good, and not trusting everyone you meet. These themes are good lessons for our youth to learn and keep in mind during their teenage years.

Don't Shelter our Youth... This Book is Worth it!

This Book is a Classic!

What a shame it would be if our youth today went all through high school not reading this book. When Anthony Burgess was writing ACO, he wanted to entertain young men and women. Parents are being over-protective fools if they won't let their children read this amazing book. They are also being ignorant if they think their child hasn't already been exposed to the topics that are discussed in A Clockwork Orange.

Why ACO was Banned

The reason why A Clockwork Orange was banned is that it contains sex, drugs, violence, rape and language. I don't think ACO should be banned, because to teenagers of today's society it's commomplace. It was banned a long time ago, in 1973, but times, along with people's perspective on life and what they find suitable for everyday life, has changed since then. It would be a crime if ACO wasn't read in high schools.

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