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Collegiate Academy at TCC Northeast

January 12, 2020

Parents and Students,

Spring semester 2020 is off to a great start! TCC NE college classes begin on Monday, January 13. This year our freshmen will be taking KINE 1164 (PE) on Monday/Wednesday afternoons and their foreign language or speech class on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons. Freshmen parents, please be mindful of this when scheduling appointments for your students. College classes do not give excused absences. If your student misses their college class, it could have negative consequences on their grade. If a student must be out for a scheduled appointment, please schedule it for morning or a Friday.

This Friday morning at 8:30am we will be celebrating our A and A/B Honor Roll students in Center Corner on the TCC NE campus. We did not receive all college grades until this past Friday. If your student has made the Honor Roll, then you should expect an invitation to the celebration by Monday afternoon. You can always check your students' high school and college semester grades to know if they made the honor roll.

Remember: “Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” John Wooden

Let's do this! Here's to our best semester ever at Collegiate Academy!

Ms. Knutz

"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why!" Mark Twain


Textbooks for Spring 2020

Collegiate Academy Students,

If you have not returned your textbooks from the Fall 2019 semester, you will have a hold on your account. This means that you will not receive a voucher to pick up your books from the TCC bookstore for the Spring 2020 semester. If you still need to return textbooks from the Fall 2019 semester to avoid having to purchase your own textbooks, please return your materials to the front office by Jan. 8.

As a reminder, these are the rules for returning textbooks to the front office:

1) Print your name on a sticky note and put it on the cover of each book you return.
2) Do not return textbooks you will need in the spring semester (Spanish, US History, etc.).
3) Do not return loose-leaf material that isn't (a) in order and (b) bound together with a zip tie (zip ties available).
4) Do not return used access codes.

Be ready for a great Spring 2020 semester!


Matthew White
Associate Director
Collegiate Academy at TCCNE


..Scheduling News

1. Everyone's schedule should look correct on Skyward. If your skyward schedule is missing a class that you signed up for on WebAdvisor or it has a class that you didn't sign up for, please send Mr. Cavanagh an email detailing where the discrepancy is and we can get it resolved.

2. If you find that you've been moved from Independent Study/Optional Flex to Study Hall and you feel like there was an error please reach out to Mr. Cavanagh or Mr. White and we can discuss it. Before sending that email ask yourself: "did I fail a class last semester? Did I miss more than a few days of class without an excused absence? Am I no longer on track for my Associate's Degree?" If the answer to any of those questions is yes, that's the reason for the change.


PLEASE CHECK YOUR STUDENT'S SCHEDULE. Know what classes your student is enrolled in. Ask them to tell you about their grades and the assignments they're doing in class. Often times people read these messages and think that they are directed towards someone other than themselves; that is not the case. THIS MESSAGE IS DIRECTED TO YOU. Talk to your student and if you're confused about the work they're doing please reach out to their pathways teacher before it's too late for us to do something. It takes all of us, working together in harmony, for your student to be successful!

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The FINAL opportunity to order your yearbook is January 31st! See the attached image as a teaser of our Homecoming Pages, and then order at the following link:

Freshman Parents,

We have such a great partnership with Tarrant County College Northeast. What an amazing opportunity to receive two years of college at no charge! I am so excited to see how your students are taking advantage of this opportunity each day. They are working hard! Please remember that your students are freshman taking college classes - encourage them, praise their big and small victories, and support them as they are doing something AMAZING!

Here is what support can look like:

  • Remind them that you are proud of their bravery of taking college classes as freshman in high school.
  • Have them tell you about the most interesting thing they've learned in their college classes.
  • Look at the course work and ask questions.
  • Look over their grades in Blackboard with them, and ask them about what the different categories mean.
  • Remind them about self care (taking walks, reading books, quick brain breaks).

Just a few reminders:

  • Have your student charge their laptop each night. (No battery is like coming to school without a pencil when we were young )
  • Make sure they are keeping up with their passwords for WebAdvisor, Skyward, and VHL.
  • Please support your students in maintaining good attendance.



Do you like to help others? Need volunteer hours? Have a favorite subject? We are starting a CA Peer Tutoring program DURING THE SCHOOL DAY! To be apart of this, please fill out the form:


If you are a parent wanting to help with prom (fundraising, decorations, donations, etc.), please email Mrs. Roberts with your child's name and current grade level, as well as how you would like to help. Thank you!


For the protection of students and staff, all volunteer applicants must read the Volunteer Handbook and are asked to complete the online form authorizing the district to obtain a criminal history background check. All volunteers are required to reapply each year. Please click on link below to complete background application form. Application Form

school support

School Spirit

Do you want to wear something that proudly represents Collegiate Academy?

Visit the following link

Orders will be delivered to CA, just please make sure to choose group delivery at checkout.

senior 2020

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yearbook senior recognition

To the Parents of Seniors! You can now purchase Senior Recognition Pages in the yearbook. If you want to make sure your senior is sent off to college in style, you can purchase anywhere from an 1/8 of a page to a full page and design it with photos of them and a message. Just follow the link below and click on "Yearbook Recognition Ads" to sign in and start designing!

All Pages are Full Color!

1/8 Page - $30

1/4 Page - $50

1/2 Page - $85

Full Page - $150

SENIOR (and junior) RINGS:

Missed your chance to order your senior ring? Balfour will be coming back on January 22nd during lunch to collect class ring and letter jacket orders! $80 deposit due. Order packets and more information is in the front office.


Seniors! Remember to turn in your senior interest form THIS SEMESTER!!! We are also collecting payments for Senior Shirts, Senior Day, and Senior Prom! Please pay in cash or checks (written to "Collegiate Academy"). All payments are due at the end of January. Please see Mrs. Roberts during passing periods or 5th period (do not interrupt a class). Prices increase in February

Campus Newsletters

Not Just Blowing Smoke presented by Chandler's Hope

Wednesday, January 29 from 6 to 7 p.m. in Rawlins Lecture Hall at White's Chapel. This is a free event.

Nearly one in three high school seniors have tried vaping in the past year. What can parents do to prevent vaping? Be equipped with facts. Learn about e-cigarettes, current trends, local data and tobacco cessation presented by Tobacco Prevention Specialist Ashley Paramore.

It is important for parents to have information about threats to their children in order to prevent health and addiction issues.

For more information, visit:

Free PSAT Tutoring Through Khan Academy

For students who recently received their October PSAT results, free online personalized tutoring is available by linking your PSAT results to the Khan Academy. The system will then create personalized tutoring for the student based upon PSAT results for preparation for SAT. For complete “how-to” information on this process, go to this link:

TSI Testing Policy

Next week students who have not yet passed all 3 TSI tests will receive a hard copy of the TSI Testing policy for the 2019-2020 school. This policy will be distributed in the Pathways classes. We are asking parents and guardians to please review the hard copy of the testing policy with their student, sign it, and send it back to school with your student. Signed policies may be given to your student’s Pathways teacher. The policy will help students focus on the tests that they need at different stages of their associate degree. If you have any questions about your student’s progress in completing the Reading, Writing, or Math TSI test, please email Kristinia Haney at

Collegiate Academy 2019-2020 TSI Evening Testing Schedule

Students may sign up for one of the following evening TSI Testing sessions this year if they prefer testing after school. Spaces are provided on a first come first serve basis. Students will need to arrange for a ride home after they complete their test. Mrs. Haney sent an email to all students last week with the dates and links to the Google form to reserve a spot in the testing room. If your student has accidentally deleted the email or needs assistance signing up, please ask them to email Kristinia Haney at for assistance.

Upcoming After School Testing Sessions in Room 1238:

Spots are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • January 14 (Tuesday) 4:30- until you complete the test
  • February 11 (Tuesday) 4:30- until you complete the test
  • March 17 (Tuesday) 4:30- until you complete the test
  • May 12 (Tuesday) 4:30- until you complete the test

Notes from the Attendance office:

Contact Amy Silva-Adams for Attendance questions.


If a student must be absent from school a parent/guardian should call attendance or send an email each day to report the absence. I will also accept a note from the parent/guardian the day the student returns to school.

If a student is missing for a doctor's appointment, it is very important to always get a note from the doctor and present it when signing into school or returning the following day. You or your physician may email the doctor's note directly to me.



Jan 13 - First Day of School at TCC NE

Jan 14 - TSI Testing 4:30PM

Jan 14 - BBBS Dinner Event 6-7PM

Jan 15 - CA vs CA Soccer Game @ Panther Stadium 6PM

Jan 16 - 8th Graders Open House

Jan 17 - A and AB Honor for the fall semester @ TCC Center Corner 8:35 am

Jan 17 - TSI Testing 1:30 - 4:00 pm

Jan 20 - Martin Luther King Jr Day - No School

Jan 24 - CA Volleyball Game @ TCC Gym 6-7PM

Jan 29 - Not Just Blowing Smoke presented by Chandler's Hope from 6 to 7 p.m. in Rawlins Lecture Hall at White's Chapel