Where Does it go now?

By Mason Asphar

Well that's not good!

So, the other day, I was on a walk, and I came across a flatbed landscaping truck. It already annoyed me because it was guzzling exhaust like crazy, but the truck hit a speed bump, which scratched it's transmission fluid tank and started leaking transmission fluid down the entire street and it made me so mad, and I just thought to myself that "once a rainstorm comes, all of this pollution will flow into all of these people's yards, then underground, and probably end up in someone's water supply."

This was a point source type of pollution, meaning that you know where the pollutant(s) come(s) from.

We need to become less dependent on oil by turning to greener sources of energy like solar, wind, and water power. In the meantime, I would say that we need to develop safer ways to transport and extract oil to avoid future spills. We need to continue to improve the clean up methods following disastrous spills and take responsibility for our actions.