June is full of Specials!

Jeweliettes, Jewelry Junkies, or ?

DOT DOLLARS-Jewelry Edition!

This was a fantastic loyalty program that ran back in December and boosted sales in January! It is back again, the bugs have been worked out and it will certainly help boost both June and July sales for you!

More details in the Lounge.

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May Sales

Rachelle $2620

Nora $2309 (Way to go Nora- you made it happen and got the extra 5%)

Wiesje&Minette $1173.00

Tara $ 741.00

Shedion $ 266.00

Sharon $ 162.00

Janine $ 181.00

Great job girls!

June is sure to be an even better month with all of these added incentives, teacher gifts to promote, jewelry for summer weddings etc.! I love how home office gives us as much as they can to make us successful! Let's go out and have the best month ever!

Get out that "Who Do you know" list and make 5 calls today. I'd love for all of you to get some free product from the Fall line! This doesn't happen often. If you are past your jumpstart this is one of the only times to earn free jewelry! So go out and get it!


For the girls joining me at Hoopla check out the Glitteratti page on Facebook to join the team dinner. Always a fun night with our Glitteratti girls!

Still looking for a team name...

OK girls I know you are all busy but there has to be some creative ideas floating around out there...please send them to me!


I'd love to chat with you...contact me.

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