New York Settlements!!

Under new rule!!


What was once New Amsterdam under Dutch control, is now New York under English control! In 1664 Peter Stuyvesant surrendered to the English conquerors, however, the English aloud the Dutch to continue to stay there. This makes the population very diverse! New York is very tolerant towards religion. Many religions in New York include Lutherans, Mennonites, Jews, English Baptists, Quakers and some Catholics. The English government, or Parliment, also controls and made all laws for this colony.

Why would you want to live here?

why would you want to live here?

With many wooded mountains and valleys, job hunting is easy! There are many job openings including lumbering, ship building, trading, etc. The Hudson River makes trading with other colonies much easier and also contributes to the fact that New York is one of the busiest and most important ports in the colonies! The Hudson keeps our most important trade, fur, lower in price. Along with jobs, "patroonships" (large land grants) are awarded to individuals that bring 50 settlers to the colony!