survival guide

for the amazon jungle by Jayron Andrews


i landed in South America in the amazon jungle.I used the metal from the plane and some leaves to build a shelter and the glass for my cooking utensils and a bed with leaves and grass and im going to use animal skin for my clothes.

The temp is 93 degrees to 68 degrees and the climate is tropical.

four steps needed to survival

First I need a shelter which i will make out of the metal,glass,and the lights of the airplane.2nd i need to hunt for some food im going to get some bamboo and sharpen it up to make a spear to kill animals for food/skin

animal life

cheetahs this animal can be useful to me because i can use it for food and the skin for clothes and it can be harmful because it can kill me



plant life

passion fruit i can use this plant to eat and make bright colors that tell them that im poison

lipstick tree lipstick tree can be used as bombs to protects

the aquatic plant i can use it for a soft bed and to walk on water