LSRO Thursday Exchange

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Calendar of Events

2/20 4th Grade Writing and 5th Grade Math Benchmark

2/21 Club Friday

2/25 2nd-4th and 6th Grade Science CFA

3/9-3/13 Spring Break

From the Principal

We had a successful first round of Spring benchmark testing for 4th and 5th grade this week! Thank you for helping us in making these days successful for our students. If you are the parent of a 4th or 5th grader, you should be hearing from your child's homeroom teacher on how they did on this most recent round of testing.

Next week we will wrap up the month of February with Birthday Friday and $1 Jean Day. Hold on everyone....We are only 2 weeks from Spring Break!

Thanks for your continued support!

Mrs. Shepherd



When you are ready to lead, you have the ability to understand others’ emotions and meet the needs and concerns of others around you. You think about how your words and actions will affect others. You take the time to notice how others are feeling. By doing these things, you are using the leader attribute, Social Awareness.

This weeks I will statement: “I will be more socially aware by thinking before I speak to ensure I do not hurt anyone else’s feelings.”

Perfect Attendance Incentives

Life School Red Oak would like to encourage our students to be in attendance each day to make sure they can “Ready to Learn, Ready to Lead, Ready for Life.” We will hold a drawing at the end of each month for all students that have perfect attendance for that month. Students must have perfect attendance during the month, no absences, tardies, or early checkouts.There will be a prize for students that are in Kindergarten thru 3rd grade and a prize for students in 4th grade thru 6th grade. The prize winners will be announced during morning announcements and we will contact the parents/guardians to come by the office to pick up the prizes. Please see Pages 3-4 of the Student Handbook for the Attendance guidelines.

Prize for February: Bean bag


Located in US Air Force, CO we find this week’s military academy focus; The US AIf Force Academy. Aurora the Falcon is the symbol of the 4,000 plus cadets who spend their time studying all things aviation. Most of our astronauts are graduates of the AF Academy plus Captain Chelsey Sullenburger. Visit for more info.

Teacher/Staff member of the month

Our teacher of the month is Mrs. Christen Arroyave. She is the fabulous 5th grade Math teacher. Mrs. Arroyave pours her heart into reaching each child. She is our campus UIL coordinator and does an amazing job organizing this activity each spring.

She and her husband are very involved in their church and in the lives of their three children. Whenever possible you can find them enjoying outdoor activities and the beach.

Erika Keathley is our Staff Member of the Month for January. She is our wonderful, hard working Registrar, but has served as an administrative assistant and aide here on our campus. She has been with LSRO for 6 years. She and husband, Cecil have 2 daughters, Bella in 8th grade and Aryana in 10th grade, both are Life School Mustangs. In her free time she enjoys cooking, crafting, and spending time with her family. Mrs. Keathley, thank you for all your hard work and positive attitude!