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September 4, 2020

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Calendar of Events at Lyon and District 34

Monday September 7

No School - Labor Day

Thursday, September 10

Lyon Curriculum Night 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

This event is intended to provide parents with an overview of the curriculum. Look for more information to come. We hope you can (virtually) join us!

Monday, September 21

District 34 Board of Education Meeting 7:30 p.m.

Monday, September 28

No School

View the full calendar at the District website ( -- Parents -- Calendar).

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A Message from Mr. Dorken

It is great to have the 2020-21 school year underway at Lyon, and the positive sentiments that many of you have been sharing since our school year began are so appreciated! While our Remote + start to the year is a very different version of Lyon School, your kind words and feedback have reinforced what we have observed to be a strong start for our students, all things considered. Between kindergarten appointments and small group visits at first and second grade, children have already had some important relationship-building experiences in person with their teachers. We’ve heard reports of parents’ pleasant surprise over the level of independence children are demonstrating with learning at home at this early stage. We hope that by now some daily and weekly routines are beginning to settle in, little by little. If that’s not yet the case, please know it will come with additional practice and time.

More than ever, we are all partners in the children’s school experience, and the more we can make that partnership a genuinely strong one, the better the experience will be for our students. While supporting your child’s learning at home, please think of your role as facilitator of their responsibility as a student. Even our youngest students are capable of more than we might initially think. A child’s development of self-reliance can be nurtured by adults avoiding doing for a child what the child is capable of doing. We need them to gather their necessary materials for learning, independently complete their academic tasks (e.g., writing with their best attempts at sounding out the words), and navigate daily technology routines. Their creativity and problem solving are encouraged! Initially, it may actually take more time to require children to do age-appropriate tasks. However, when provided with the opportunity for responsibility, their self-confidence and independence will flourish as a result.

As the year progresses, the children will learn and practice our Lyon school-wide guidelines for success (Be Safe, Be Kind and Give Your Best Effort), and we will reinforce these all year long. Thank you for also supporting these concepts at home. Look for more details to come in the weeks and months ahead.

Finally, these Lyon/Pleasant Ridge newsletters, along with our websites, are intended to answer in advance many of the questions you might have at various points throughout the year. However, if you ever have a question or need clarification on something school related, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help, and we welcome your feedback. Of course, communication from your child’s teacher will be an extremely important source of regular information. Please read those updates carefully.

Thank you for all that you’ve done thus far to help us start this unique school year in such a positive way. Enjoy the three-day weekend with your family!

A Message from Mr. Friedman

Pleasant Ridge Families,

It’s great to be writing to you after we’ve gotten a few weeks under our belts. Our students, and your children have had one of the most unique starts to a school year. I’m very proud of how well they have acclimated to the remote start, and while there were many tech glitches the first few days, for the most part it’s been a great start. From my perspective, I’m glad to have students running a full school schedule with the increased support from our entire staff. Teachers have commented that students are much more engaged this Fall and I see how ‘connected’ our staff is to the students. It’s been great to see both our new and returning students as I’ve dropped into different Zoom sessions over the first couple of weeks. Truly a unique year (a major understatement).

I’m writing to you on the eve of students coming for in person opportunities. Our staff is very eager to have kids in the building once again and we look forward to welcoming children back to Pleasant Ridge. We all do what we do for kids, but it certainly makes more sense when we can share experiences in person. I look forward to meeting our new students and can’t wait to see our returning students. New hairstyles, growth spurts, fresh clothes for the first few days’s starting to feel like school again. We’re excited and look forward to more opportunities to be in person with our students.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank our parent community. We all know that our remote plan requires a lot of flexibility and support from you. And I know families are managing in all sorts of different ways. But however you’re managing and doing it, thank you. I imagine that we will be leaning on each other a lot this year, it’s comforting for me to know we have a high level of support and engagement from our families. Thank you for all you’re doing behind the scenes of Zoom sessions, keeping your child on time, and engaged with our learning platform.

As we navigate the realities of remote learning, we know that we need to be extra mindful of students’ social and emotional needs at this time. Many of our students are probably all experiencing some sense of ‘the loss of school’ in some way or another. I wanted to highlight a support for students and parents that our School Psychologist and School Social Worker are facilitating. On Mondays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:00 they will be available via Zoom to answer questions, offer support and guidance. Below you will find Zoom information for those times. Additionally, I’ve linked a newsletter authored by Ms. McCarthy (Psychologist) and Mrs. Ginis (Social Worker) with some useful information for parents. We will continue to share resources throughout the year to support both you and our students.

SEL Parent Newsletter Link-

Parent/Student Office Hours: Mondays and Thursdays 2:30-3:00pm

Meeting ID: 891 6547 3493

Passcode: 637434

I hope your family can enjoy the long weekend together. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy a Monday off to catch our breath. Best to your family and thank you for your continued support. Together we can do this!

Teacher Coverage During Remote +

We have limited substitute coverage in Remote + therefore we wanted to highlight scenarios that might make teachers unavailable and our solutions for that.

Meetings and Other Professional Obligations for Teachers during Remote +

Just as during a typical school year, teachers sometimes need to attend meetings (e.g., IEP, 504) and other professional obligations (e.g., training from an outside organization) for which they do not have control of the scheduling. As this school year progresses, if a professional obligation of this nature comes up, teachers will communicate with their students and families about any change in plans for the given time period. This could include asynchronous work for students, another Lyon or Pleasant Ridge staff member checking in with students and/or being available for “office hours” to answer questions and provide guidance.

Teacher Absences during Remote +

Illness or personal obligations out of school (e.g., funeral) may lead to full-day absences for teachers. When these absences occur, teachers will communicate with their students and families about any change in plans for that day. This could include asynchronous work for students, other Lyon or Pleasant Ridge staff members checking in with students and/or being available for “office hours” to answer questions and provide guidance. Student schedules with teachers not absent that day (e.g., Fine Arts, PE, small group English language instruction, etc.) would continue as usual.

Technology Support during Remote +

If a student or family needs assistance with an iPad or other technology related resource during the school day, please refer to the D34 Tech Hub for EC-2nd grade students or the Tech Support while Remote section of the D34 website.

Welcome Back from the PTA President

News from the PTA:

Hope everyone is off to a good start with the school year. The highlight of my kids week was the ability to go into school and meet their teachers and have a semblance of normal. I am so grateful for these small moments of connection!

As I stated in my first eblast this year the PTA’s guiding mission is “Keeping us connected even when apart”. Since we can’t meet in person email communication is going to be even more important this year. If you DID NOT receive the eblast that went out this past Wednesday (please check your junk mail first) please fill out the google form below. This is to make sure we have your email address so we can communicate with you, if you received the eblast then we have your email from the district. These email addresses will be used to email out zoom links for general PTA meetings and the eblasts. The Parents of Lyon and Pleasant Ridge Facebook page is also a great way to get information and connect with each other. This is the same form I posted on our facebook page so if you filled it out there you do not need to refill out this form :)

Register your email with the PTA at:

We are still in need of one or more room parents for many classrooms.

If you are willing to volunteer for this role please fill out this google form:

Lastly, thanks to the 25 families that have already registered for the PTA Community walk. We would love to see more families get involved. If you register by Wednesday, September 9th you have the option to get a lawn sign. We would love to have as many lawns as possible with signs. The first raffle will be next Friday!

Please fill out the google form to register

Information about how to register for the PTA will be in our next eblast that will go out at the end of next week.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions,

Crosbie Lind

PTA President

Residency Reminder

Residency Verification

Proof of residency is required for all of the following students: those new to District 34; students whose families have moved within the district during the previous school year; those entering early childhood, kindergarten, 3rd and 6th grade; families with a lease and other families as determined by the district. Please use the following link to prove Residency online


In support of the health and safety of our students and staff, PR is now offering Touch Free Pick Up.

Item scheduled for pick up will be placed on a cart just outside Door A in the South Circle drive (near the PR Office).

Please contact the PR Office prior to pick up at 847-998-5050. Office hours are M-F from 8am-2pm.

PR Fine Arts Newsletter

Greetings PR Parents and Guardians:

Welcome back! Completing the first week of school is a milestone for our students. Although these learning experiences are different from what we are used to, everyone is settling into new routines and adapting well! We thank you for your patience and flexibility as we embark on new creative adventures in Drama, Visual Art and Music this year! In order to streamline communication, we will be sending out this Encore Smore communication once a month.

Click the link to access our monthly Fine Arts Newsletter.

Fine Arts Smore Newsletter

Authorization to Administer Medication at School

If your child needs to take any medication during the school day -- either prescription or over-the-counter (including ibuprofen or other pain reliever) -- you must submit this form with a doctor's signature to the health office at school (Aquí está la forma en español.). There are no exceptions to this policy. Students should not have medication in their backpack or pocket; parents must provide the medication indicated on the form, in original packaging, to the school nurse.

All health forms are posted on the District 34 website on our frequently used forms page. If you have questions, please contact the Lyon health office at (847) 657-2894 or the Pleasant Ridge health office at (847) 657-2794.

Student Supply Program

Lyon & Pleasant Ridge Supply Program 2020-21

No Lists + No Store = No Hassle

Simply pay a single fee and your child’s classroom supplies are covered for the entire school year. The fee does not include “At Home Items” like backpack, lunch bag, change of clothing and shoes for gym.

Classroom teachers are given a budget to purchase all student supplies directly so that each child will have all the same high quality supplies on the first day of school and throughout the year.

Click here for Student Supply Program 2020-2021

Important Forms

2020-2021 District 34 Calendar

Click this link for the following frequently used forms:

Authorization And Permission For Administration Of Medication

Cell Phone Use Agreement and Permission Form

Classroom Party Menu Options

Dental Exam Form (completed for Kindergarten, 2nd, and 6th grades)

Dental Exam Waiver

District Policies/Handbook Info

Eye Exam Form

Eye Exam Waiver

Food Guidelines

Health Examination Form