Peabody Elementary Weekly Informer

Monday, November 16, 2020

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Greetings Peabody Families:

Yeah, our students have earned an Attendance Dress Down Incentive for Monday, November 16th!!! Students can dress as their “Favorite Book Character” this Monday.

Report cards will be issued Wednesday, November 18th via parent’s PowerSchool portal. Students In-Classroom Virtual Honors Program will be Wednesday, December 2nd from 8:30-9:00 A.M. Parents can join with their child on the Daily Classroom Microsoft Teams link.

Join us for another opportunity for parents to meet with teachers to discuss your child’s data. During the meeting, parents will learn how to read Data Reports that will reflect areas of strength/improvement for your child to be successful this school year.

Our Virtual Family Data Night Meeting will be Thursday, November 19th from 4:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M. Parents will sign-up for 15 minute intervals. Please bring your child to the meeting because your child will be a huge part of this data discussion as well.

Once parents call the school @ 416-4606 to sign-up, your child’s teacher will email or place on Class Tag your Microsoft Teams Invitation Link. Please plan to attend.

Please do not forget to participate in Peabody’s Scholastic Book Fair from November 9-22nd. Books and links to purchase books are all on-line for your convenience. More information about the Book Fair is enclosed in this Digital Newsletter.

Please continue to ensure your child is attending Support classes each day. Remember, Support classes provide a grade for students too.

If you or your child need additional support from your child’s teacher, please remember teachers have Office Hours from 3:00-3:30 P.M. Monday-Thursday and they will be more than happy to assist parent/students with tasks students may have misunderstood during the day, extra tutoring, and/or assistance with submitting assignments. Always email your child’s teacher to schedule an appointment for the Office Hours assistance.

As always parents, thank you for your continued support.

Mrs. Nelson

Virtual Saturday Learning Academy

Click this link to register for the free SCS Virtual Saturday Academy.

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Every year, the Peabody PTA holds the Cookie Dough Fundraiser! It's always a smashing success and our families typically clear $6,000 that goes directly to technology and the arts at Peabody. This year, though, the PTA has voted not to hold the sale due to COVID. We just can't figure out a safe way to do it.

The PTA has been supporting teachers and staff during this time of virtual learning -- buying stylus pens for K-2 to use with their tablets, microphones for teachers, we outfitted a new teacher/staff lounge for those working inside the school and teacher appreciation gifts!

We ask that if you can, donate to the Peabody PTA. You can just go to and donate online! Any amount will be greatly appreciated and help us support our school... even when we can't be there!

The Library Corner

Our VIRTUAL ONLINE Scholastic Book Fair starts next week, November 9-22, 2020!

There are thousands of GREAT books available for purchase! Please click on the attached digital flyer:

Visit our Book Fair homepage starting November 9th:

All orders will be shipped to your home from Scholastic Book Fairs.

Please visit the Library Page on our Peabody Elementary School website!

AR Points! How high can you go?

GOAL: 12,000 points

Let's READ to reach our goal! We can do it!
Accelerated Reader Link

The Accelerated Reader (AR) website can only be accessed by students Monday through Friday 7:15 am until 6: 15 pm. The AR website is only used to take AR quizzes on books students have read.

Counselor's Corner

Hello Peabody Eagles!

Welcome back to another great week of learning! Below are tips to overcome worry or anxiety. As we go throughout our daily lives, these tips may be helpful. The tips are taken from the book entitled, Mindfulness for Kids Who Worry: Calming Exercises to Overcome Anxiety, by Katie Austin.

Mindfulness means noticing what is happening right now, being present in the moment. Mindfulness is "a set of skills to help us get through the uncomfortable stuff."p.5. When you are worried or anxious the following tips may help:

  • Check in with your thoughts: Notice what you are thinking.

  • Check in with your breathing. Notice how you are breathing.

  • Check in with your body: How does each area of your body feel? Is it tight?

  • Check in with your senses: What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell or taste?

Doing these check-ins help us become aware of what is going on when we are worried. When we actively try these check-ins and tune in to what is going on around us, we tend to block out what we were even worried about in the first place. Will these skills come easily? No, it requires practice. So, take time to practice.

Below is a video about mindful relaxation. Check it out!


Mrs. Turner

Contact Name: Tamara L. Turner, Professional School Counselor

Contact Email:

Contact Number: (901) 609-3948 (Google Voice Number)

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 3:00pm-3:30pm (upon request other times can be arranged)

2 Minutes Mindful Relaxation
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Peabody Morning Announcements

Announcements will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:05-8:10. Please join if you can. However, Announcements are OPTIONAL.

The Announcement Link will also remain in our Digital Newsletter which we will post on our Peabody homepage and Facebook pages every Monday.

Click on the Peabody Morning Announcements link above each weekday morning to join.

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Weekly Lunch Pick-Up

Do not forget to pick up lunches on Thursday from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. & 1:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. and Friday from 7:00 A.M.-9 A.M. These are cold lunches that will last the entire week.

Daily Attendance

If your child is absent, parents must email the child's homeroom teacher the reason for any absences within two days. Also, any reason for checking in late to or leaving early from online learning will need to be sent by the parent via email to the homeroom teacher. Students are expected to be in their Virtual Classrooms from 8:15-3:00 P.M. daily.

Peabody Elementary Virtual Norms for Online Classrooms

Parents please help us with the following Virtual Norms to ensure we continue to have a successful year of learning:

  • Students CANNOT eat food while in class virtually.
  • Students MUST be in a designated area for learning that requires them to sit upright. Students cannot lay down at any time. Students cannot be in bed.
  • Student MUST have a quiet area- free of noise, no tv, no music during virtual learning.
  • Students CANNOT have covers or blankets on their body.
  • Students CANNOT wear hoodies or hats on their head.
  • Students MUST have on a shirt with sleeves.
  • Students MUST have shoes on their feet during PE days or if feet will be shown during class.
  • Students MUST remain in the class from 8:15-3:00 each day to receive full credit for the day and a class participation grade.
  • Students MUST show their faces (video on) on the screen.
  • Students MUST stay on mute until the teacher advises them otherwise.
  • Students should wear headphones while learning virtually to block out excess noise in their background.

If your child attends a daycare or community center each day while virtually learning, we are asking parents to communicate the above Virtual Expectations with these centers.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Wednesday, November 18 - Report Cards Issued
  • Thursday, November 19 - Data Night
  • Monday, November 23 - Friday, November 27 - No School/Thanksgiving Break
  • Wednesday, December 2 - Virtual Honors Program 8:30 - 9:00 am